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Political Compass 2019 (D-D-DROP THE WRIT Edition)


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Parliament has dissolved, writs have been drawn, and Canada is now gearing up for its 43rd general election.To celebrate this new election season, which I'm sure will be delightful and not acrimonious in the slightest, I've decided to revisit a time-honed Spiderweb tradition: taking the Political Compass test! If you've taken it before, see how much you've changed since 2015, or 2012, or 2011, or 2010, or 2007, or--- you get the picture. And once you've posted your results, discuss them! Discuss the test! Complain about the test! Complain about the placement of Canada's political parties! Complain about the vastly inferior and deeply flawed Vote Compass made by Vox Pop Labs! Complain about Canadian politics in general!


(on the off chance that you're not canadian and are, in fact, from some different country, i suppose you can talk and/or complain about politics there and maybe even link some country-specific tests that we can all take? that would be super cool of you)


Alternatively, you could take the 5 Dimensional Politial Compass that Slarty posted in 2017.




Economic Left/Right: -6.0
Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -6.51


For the record:

2007: (2.00, 2.92)

2010: (0.62, -1.13)

2011: (-1.88, -2.56)

2012: (-0.50, -0.97)

2015: (-4.50, -5.03)

2019: (-6.00, -6.51)



Also, how the hell have we managed to coexist so far, you fascist? 😛

- Arancaytar, 2007


As for the 5D test:


You are a: Communist Pro-Government Humanist Progressive
Collectivism score: 100%
Authoritarianism score: 33%
Internationalism score: 0%
Tribalism score: -67%
Liberalism score: 50%


Which is quite a shift from my 2017 results, but I don't think that's due to any major changes on my part. Last time, I answered 'maybe' a lot more, whereas this time I only put down 'maybe' when I was truly torn.


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Hmm. Just as anarchist, but quite a shift left from the last time we did this. But still far further right than the rest of you socialists. I find it ironic that just yesterday I was called alt-right by someone online, but as far as I can tell I'm further left than any of the candidates in the US democratic primary aside from Bernie.

personalised chart

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On 9/18/2019 at 2:14 AM, Dintiradan said:

Alas, it isn't a holiday. And even if it was, I wouldn't have the day off -- I'm an election officer again.


Well that doesn't sound like fun. Does it pay well at least?

Given the results from yesterday, (not that anyone's surprised,) I predict a third election in a few months. Will we get a hat trick of tied elections where nobody can form a coalition? Only time will tell!


I'm going with yes.

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