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Queen's Wish: The Conqueror - Cheat Codes


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From the Hint Book:


If you get stuck, Queen's Wish: The Conqueror has a series of cheat codes. These codes can heal you, make you stronger, or pull you out of ugly situations.


Be very careful using these. First, they can make the game too easy. Also, if you overuse some of them (like “backtostart”), you might mess up the game's plot. Try to only use them if you're completely stuck.


WARNING! If you care about medals and achievements, don't use any of the cheat codes besides backtostart. Using a cheat code keeps you from getting medals.


If you hold the Shift key down and type 'd', the cheat box pops up. Enter the phrases below and hit Return to get the given effect.


fps - See Queen's Wish’s current frame rate.
rain - Toggle the rain on and off.
mothersblessing – Heals and cures your group and restores your energy.
sutterstraining – Gives each of your characters multiple blessings.
alchemy - Cures all of your afflictions, including mental.
backtostart – Returns you to Fort Haven. Very useful if you get stuck.
deliasinfluence - Gain some experience.
showmeall - Makes all characters (even ones you can’t see) appear on your automap.
dontshowmeall - Stops making all characters appear on your automap.
location - Gives the coordinates of your location in the world.

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So, is there one that just lets you buff your characters a bit?  Or just raise XP?  I know this doesn't have "stats" the same way the Avernum series did.  Just the skill tree?


As with most Spiderweb games, I keep running into stuff even early on that I just stand no chance against.  


Chose to head to Tainly (sp?) first, and run into a group of soldiers that I cannot hit, who mostly one-shot my party members.  Even with a handful of decent armor / weapon / augments (bronze splint with +health, iron rapier with +str, orb thing for mage, etc.)

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Those soldiers are very strong.  You are not intended to defeat them, you're intended to find an alternate path around them.  This is why the game says "if you don't want to fight your own people, you'll have to find another way around."


EDIT: Sniiiiiiiiiiiiiped

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The Gannel are more kill them all and let Jeff sort it out. Well kill most of them because you don't need to kill them all no matter how satisfying it feels. You need to fight through Gannelspan and Rouche Crossing to reach Chinde and the Home Warrens to get a treaty signed by a faction.


At least if you want to have a chance at the best ending. You can always just repair the portal and go back to bed in the palace. :)



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