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Avernum 0, The time of darkness

Dark Lizerd

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Here's an idea...

We all know the backstory of how the demon was imprisoned that ruled over the caves when the first ones were exiled there...

Can't play the First Expedition, (they were all killed), but perhaps the first Avernites...

A time when most of the caves were still dark, and only a few towns around the portal existed.

You could be an explorer, and, after a short time, be given a quest to deliver glowing fungus to the nearby towns.

Even be part of the groups that shoot the fungus to the top of the caves to later, light them up.

Plant the forests, and wild mushroom fields. even cleaning out the wild poisonous mushrooms.

At the end, you could be teamed up with the Triad to trap the demon... 


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Hello Dark Lizerd,


That's a nice idea for a game!


You might be pleased to know that Spiderweb Software has had thoughts along the same lines. It’s something that the game designer, Jeff Vogel, talks about every so often. It hasn't crystallised into a game at the moment, but there’s a chance that it might appear at some point in the future!


For example, here’s a comment Jeff made in 2013 for an AMA:


‘Every once in a while I consider writing Avernum Zero, about the first days of the underworld. But I haven't yet thought of the right hook/story structure to make me want to make it. So maybe, but don't hold breath. :)’


Perhaps an interesting thing to bear in mind is that Avernum Zero would be a game about exploring and expanding into a frontier. Spiderweb have just made a new game engine that is precisely about just this – Queen’s Wish. So, if there’s a chance that Avernum Zero will get made, there’s now an engine that could do it!


Otherwise, welcome to the forums! I hope you have a good time here!


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I thought that Queen's Wish might be an Avernum prequel idea. Not the First Expedition, but another period before that with all the similarities. Jeff put some hooks in his new game that could be hints of things to come.


Only another week until the new Vahnatai heresies can start here. :)

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Hi Mike Lata,


Welcome back to the forums!


If your previous posts here were many years ago, they may have become disconnected from your account when we switched forum software.


If they were really old, they may have been wiped at some point.


Meanwhile, a friendly request from the mods: forums don't work well when used as chat rooms; please use the edit button to add to your post, rather than making five in a row.  (I've hidden some of the extras.)



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