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  1. My latest work combining raster background with a vector focus object or wizard in my case: Combining pixel art I createdwith iPad apps for raster work: Check out more of my work at https://artisticcounterculture.com
  2. Will apply for this position today: http://abylight.com/hiring-concept-artist/ What are my chances do you guys think of actually getting it?
  3. You guys can find various revisions I created here from different armor types to different leggings: https://maciejduraj.com/2020/03/31/created-new-fantasy-based-digital-illustrations/
  4. Ok, it is finally coming together as I am finding the right brushes for the armor guys. I could add some Text underneath saying something like ”Welcome to Spiderweb Software”
  5. Check out some of my latest stuff here: https://www.artisticcounterculture.com/artisticcountercultureblog/working-on-new-medieval-digital-art I created this piece digitally using a stylus and an idea from a previous black and white drawing I drew by hand and then digitized it:
  6. Here is my second take of my space game concept. Note this is more just a proof of concept and a way to showcase some of my storytelling and visual or graphic design skills: https://youtu.be/I8Mk_r2Jse4 this video and developer inspired me because although he is a loon he proved that you can still find success or carbe a niche being self taught (I have a journalism ba but rest of my skills are self tsught) and without big name recognition or starting out essentislly from a garage. Sometimes all it take sis an idea or have a skill in one aspect snd the rest can come together by wo
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