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A couple questions about A3 mechanics

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First of all, sorry if these have been answered already, but I couldn't find them if they were.


Okay, about how the timer works in this game: let's say you wanted to try to do as much as possible.  Is the day counter going to get in the way of that in any real way?  Like, are a lot of quests cut off after a certain point, and which ones if so so that I can prioritize them.  What days did you guys tend to finish on?  I don't really want to have to start over because I took too much time going back and forth in an inefficient way.


Second, I saw on the patch notes that physical resistance for enemies scales slower in this game than in previous games.  And I'm wondering how much of a difference you guys noticed on that front.  Like, it always sucked not being able to deal much damage with swords after a certain point because enemies started getting much higher physical than elemental resistance, so I'm wondering if the difference is a bit less pronounced now.  I know full well "Linear Warriors, Quadratic Wizards" is in full effect in this series, and even with this I don't expect my sword wielder to really be able to keep up with my mages (if for no other reason than AoE effects dealing more damage in total), but I'd like to be able to hit a giant or demon and deal damage higher than in the teens or thereabouts when magic is doing something like 40.

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There is plenty of time to finish this game. You may find that certain NPCs move to different locations if you take too long like the Mayor in Shaydar relocated to the infirmary from her office. However there are more complaints about what to do when you finish too early and want to see the Tower of Magi event than not enough time. 


It only seems like there isn't enough time, because you take so long in the first 60 days to see so little of the world. After that you don't spend so long going back to town to heal and sell loot.


To get around the physical damage becomes less effective, there are weapons that do bonus damage of fire, cold, acid, poison, and against certain monster types. You will still do less damage than spell casters that can attack more than one monster with a spell, but at least you will do more than purely physical damage. However get used to the idea that near the game's end you will be doing less than 10% penetrating damage.

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For the bit about the timer...phew, that's a relief to hear!  Alright, I'll try to keep in mind what you said about adventuring stamina later on, if I start to get disheartened.


For the physical damage stuff...to be honest, I was asking more about if the 1.01 update made much of a difference.  Though I'd guess it's "not as much as you would like" at best, still, based on what you said.  Even so, at worst, it'll be the same as the previous two games, which I've come to accept.


Still though, thank you.

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 1 Anama priest is killed if you take too long to goto Isle of Bigal and deal roach problem, that priest isn't any important but has few delivery jobs. 1 treasure map seller might get killed by Trogdolytes so if you meet mapseller then buy map. If you wander too long w/o going to Tower of Magi 1st time then when going there when needed you'll miss some quests and items.


1.01-1.03 are bugfixes mostly.

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