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  1. Is it possible that doing *everything* in an area leads to that result? Do you know if you completely finished everything in that area, by any chance, Sade? Or could it be that just doing a certain number of things quickly enough get you this? Or is it tied to doing one particular thing (like, it's a hidden reward of one of the major quests)? Just trying to come up with ideas on how it works.
  2. I've got a related question: for people with more experience with this game, are so-called "empty levels" much of an issue? Cause while, like OP, I'm not the biggest fan of level scaling, I'll tolerate it to a point (it helps if the game is a non-linear, go-wherever-you-want sort of deal, like this one is. Then all the enemies in the game can start at a low level, and you won't have to worry as much about where it's safe to go), but if the enemies can outpace you in level-up gains, it's far worse. My understanding is that empty levels aren't much of an issue, since you get new ab
  3. So...around where would the list switch from "somewhat suited" to "somewhat unsuited"? I'm curious how far down we have to go before where the "character" of the list changes the most dramatically and where I can say someone is "low ranking". Also, putting in my requests for the Mesopotamian deities Inanna/Ishtar, Anu, Ereshkigal, and Tiamat (I figured I'd go with some of the ones people have actually *heard* of, or at least are easy to find stuff on)
  4. Hey, my laptop (which I initially got A3: RW for, if anyone's confused as to how I'm only now having this problem) died and so I reverted back to my old desktop. Problem is, it seems to be having trouble running Ruined World, which strikes me as weird because it runs EftP and CS just fine. I verified my install on Steam, and I decided to use Steam to get my computer specs: Is anything on here the issue? Do I need to update DirectX drivers or something (as I said, this computer's fairly old, but I seriously think it should still be able to run this game)? How do I do t
  5. For the bit about the timer...phew, that's a relief to hear! Alright, I'll try to keep in mind what you said about adventuring stamina later on, if I start to get disheartened. For the physical damage stuff...to be honest, I was asking more about if the 1.01 update made much of a difference. Though I'd guess it's "not as much as you would like" at best, still, based on what you said. Even so, at worst, it'll be the same as the previous two games, which I've come to accept. Still though, thank you.
  6. First of all, sorry if these have been answered already, but I couldn't find them if they were. Okay, about how the timer works in this game: let's say you wanted to try to do as much as possible. Is the day counter going to get in the way of that in any real way? Like, are a lot of quests cut off after a certain point, and which ones if so so that I can prioritize them. What days did you guys tend to finish on? I don't really want to have to start over because I took too much time going back and forth in an inefficient way. Second, I saw on the patch notes that phy
  7. This, I mostly agree with. Your valuations do make sense to me, but my main sticking point is how, past Level 30, you get all the discretionary points at once, rather than spread out. If you stuff a character full of Wisdom Crystals so they get from, say, Level 31 to Level 34, the end result isn't worth as much as you had it, since you didn't go through a level that gave skill points or manual stat points. Though I suppose if you're doing this, you probably already realize this issue and plan around it (even if that "planning" is "more patiently farming Mandrake" or something), s
  8. Sorry to bump this, but I have a question: is the 300 coins from the Burning Fungi on that Dark Lake island counted in this analysis? Cause I'm pretty sure the game makes a Cave Lore check for that (it specifically says so, and you can miss getting the money if you kill them too early; I don't know what skill level is required though). In any event, very nice. I was always kinda "pro-Cave Lore" from the start simply because I don't like feeling like I'm missing treasure. Good to see I, at least arguably, made the right call.
  9. Lowest level for Capture-Souling Haakai confirmed Level 31 (with Level 3 CS). Good to know.
  10. Methinks Mr. Vogel would do well to just open up donations at this rate (in all seriousness, though, now that you guys mention it, I'd be inclined to donate if it were an option. Given what the industry can be like sometimes)!
  11. Another thing I want to say on this: I'm playing the PC version (Steam copy). You're a Mac user, right, Slartifer? I'm wondering if this is a difference between the two versions; like, since the Mac version was probably first, it might have some bugs or oddities that would've been ironed out for the PC/iOS/whatever release. Honestly, it always struck me as weird, how you reported crits working, so maybe it was a bug? I'm just speculating now, and I'm no good at these things. Just...this is something that I started to wonder.
  12. I'll doublecheck my stuff later, but for now, let me just say I apologize for the tone in my previous post (yeah, it was kinda rude, huh?), but I was definitely playing Crystal Souls when I noticed that. I just happened to have a Remix mod playthrough running parallel to that.
  13. Yeah, right. In the two hours and two levels I played my most recent save, I paid attention to this and saw every one of my characters get a critical hit at least once. None of them have anything like Lethal Blow or Longbows either (I literally just started). So I'm not sure why you say this. Maybe it changed between the Mac and PC versions? If so, then what about Luck? Did that change? Was this a bug in the original release that was fixed later? That'd be my guess at this point. I mean, I know I shouldn't look a gift horse in the mouth, but when this horse might come with some sor
  14. Okay, this is getting ridiculous. I checked every book I was allowed to check in Erika's library, took all her dialogue options multiple times, and the statues STILL won't deal with me! What the hell is going on?! Do I have to talk to Ayden or something? Cause I just got a quest to go find him. EDIT: Okay, I figured it out. I did need to talk to Ayden for her to give me the conversation option to get the password in question. I don't know why, though, since I had already talked to Ayden in this save. But whatever, I did it. Now I've got a new question. I've already gotten all t
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