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Game pitch to Spiderweb.


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Thought I would pitch this here, since, meh why not. I spent a ton of time looking for a 2d (or 3d isometric, prefer 2d tbh) turn based MMORPG for phone (probably a PC version as well, but primarily phone), specifically thinking about blades of exile online type game. They just don't exist. To be honest, I haven't played anything from spiderweb since I was in my teens, but blades of exile ate a good chunk of my young life, and I would love playing a MMO version of it... a lot of possibilities to make it work in an MMO environment (short of cutting player to only 1 char, could cut player to 2 or 3 chars and design, at least portions, of the game around 4-18 char difficulty to draw in the multiplayer side of it.


I recognize coming up with a cash-flow stream to maintain servers without selling out to the cash shop plague of mobile games is a challenge. It's something that hasn't been done though, and I think that would be a great game.


And lastly, I would be willing to help. I have little coding experience, but I've ran bug reports for a (very) small private servers of a dead MMO, basically find bug reports it in the code, if I can figure out how to fix it, fix it and submit a pull request, if I can't, get in touch with the real coders who could (we used github which made it very easy), and IRC to talk. I'd be willing to do the same, or similar on a limited time basis (I do work 40-70hrs/week in a real job, so don't have tons of free time on my hands) for free, if this project started.


Thanks for reading, I hope you consider it ^^

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It's been suggested before. Jeff has never shown any interest. From a recent interview:


Multiplayer is something we’ve been asked for again and again, but writing a multiplayer game is very difficult. It requires a lot of technical skill and it’s just, it’s not really something we’re interested in.


We’re a storytelling company. We just telling a single-player story like a novel with lots of fighting, that people can just sort of sit in their room alone and sink into.


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Unlucky. Was thinking last night about what large boss fights would look like, large 10x16 dragon slowly walking across a lair, forward one turn, ability next turn, if anyone in his way step on them & kill & everyone has to kill him before he reaches the other side or he turns around and fills the room with fire killing everyone. Double phys dmg on the back half of him, but if more than 1/2 the players go behind him he turns around early killing everyone. Maybe an alternate method to kill if 3 or more are in front of him when he goes to step forward, instead of insta-kill, reduce all of their health to 1, unless under 1/2 health, then instakill, so tank, back heal to slow him down or tank swap new tanks & heal first tanks within 3 turns to step back up. Would be fun to design, probably more than it would be to play, lol.


Anyway, guess this just goes in the +1 the market is there, albeit probably pretty small.


I made this forum acct so, you have my email, drop me a line if you change your mind, would love to be involved in something great, in some capacity :p

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39 minutes ago, Minion said:

Your post made curious about whether there is in fact not a single turn-based, 2D/isometric MMORPG for smartphones or tablets. A couple of quick Google searches turned up a game called Dofus Touch, which appears to be a tactical, isometric, turn-based MMORPG.

I'll have to give it a whirl, see if it's any good :p

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The recent release: "Divinity: original sin 2" might be something for you to look at. It allows you to play the entire game with online co-op, and due to the open-world nature of the game, both players can go their separate ways, or even become rivals rather than playing co-op. I've heard of people enjoying runs where the two players are constantly trying to kill each other and sabotage each others quests, sounded fun.


FYI I heard the first game in the series didn't have the co-op feature, and was generally underwhelming, it's plot is also completely disconnected from the sequel so you don't need to play them in order.


I myself have been wanting to propose making a city-builder game set in Avernum. I was going to try proposing the idea to Vogel after I finished my programming course, but I developed a medical condition and it's set back my education by at least another year. 

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On 4/18/2018 at 4:04 PM, Randomizer said:

This is a recent blog by Jeff Vogel on that game.

Funny, I just heard some one review the same game on a podcast I listen to and they had a completely different experience with the game. They said that there are many ways to game the system in Divinity 2 apparently, something that I greatly enjoyed in the exile days but is largely removed from Jeff's modern games. For example, in Divinity 2 there is a teleport spell, that can be used to teleport a single enemy out of a room, without agro-ing the others, allowing you to fight them all one at a time. Personally in exile games I greatly enjoyed luring enemies into a room, then using Wall of Force or barrier to trap enemies in the room, and then casting quickfire in there.


I greatly miss problem solving my way through areas that I'm under leveled for, rather than making a note of the area, then leaving to grind before coming back.


I suppose Jeff currently doesn't think about or enjoy that playstyle so much. We shouldn't expect to see it in the future...
I mostly enjoy Jeff's games for his setting and writing style anyway. As long I can still mod the gameplay to my liking I should be fine.

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