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Problem with Barrier in Lair of Sulfras

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dear all, the barrier east of the beast pen in the NE part of Lair of Sulfras is a level 3, so theoretically it should come down after one reads the level3 dispel barrier spellbook in the lair of Khoth, right?


I read the spellbook, - in fact I went there twice because I thought maybe I dreamt I had already been there, but no, when I read the book the second time I get the message "... already has advanced knowledge of dispel barrier" -I check and my mage still has level 2, I cast the spell and obviously the barrier does not come down and I get the usual message about my level not being high enough. I'm sure I'm missing something elementary here, can you please help?

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There's a trainer quite close to you off to the west a bit (assuming that you're still hanging out with the dragons...) but you'll need to go back outside before you trek towards the setting sun*


/*assuming that the Valorium/Empire universe has a sun that sets off to the west

//has their physics ever been established?

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