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  1. it worked like a charm and I want to thank you profusely, for the command line as well as the tips on switching party members. i am a completionist and it would have been ironic had it not been possible to finish all the quest for a spidweb game where you can actually do that - many if not all of the other games had all those 'mercantile' missions that had no limit. so thank you again for the help.
  2. First of all, thank you for the time and expertise. I'm afraid that the code will be necessary, because at this point I came to the conclusion that I erroneously sold the stones somewhere to god knows who, which is very unusual for me because I tend to hold on to everything when I play spidweb games. I checked the chests and there's nothing there, matter of fact I didn't even know you could store stuff there... also, I never switched any party members because I found the game overwhelming enough and I never even got to the how you meet new potential recruits, I focused on explorati
  3. i read somewhere on another topic that Obro in fact may be selling multiple ones - but with me, apparently he's been reluctant to sell even one...
  4. I understand and it makes sense, but then having three more in my backpack the quest should be able to proceed , 1 already given + 3 in my backpack should be enough to advance. instead she says 'it's a good start but not enough' etc etc. at that point the nullrock should be just an extra outlet so to speak, i was looking for it to try to have 4 in my backpack.
  5. first of all, apologies for posting on the other topic. also, i see that Osnola's post came basically at the same time as mine. at this point, i am inclined to think that there may be a bug. i re-checked all the locations for Brainstone and Nullstone and either a) there is nothing in the chest at Vol Gates - i also bought the hintbook just to make sure i was looking in the right place or b) Obro won't sell. so no Nullrock and no Brainstone.
  6. still no luck. I checked the chest in my quarters in Haven and it's empty. I got the stone from Smoky Peaks. I have Brainstone, Luminescente Pyrite and Chalcistrine. I saw someone mentioned a Nulstone on a forum, would that be an option as a replacement?
  7. I am missing the Glitterstone, I know it's sold by Obro but no dialogue option appears - stuck in the loop ' i don't have anything interesting except intricate stones etc'. then when i go to Ybsal's shop I see that there is a Glitterstone in her chest... coincidence? have i given it to her in a previous trip? still, even if that was the case i have the other three but she keeps saying not enough.
  8. there's something weird: i am missing the glitterstone, obro won't sell it to me - no dialogue option - and when i go to ybsal's shop i see the glitterstone in her chest there , maybe just a coincidence but i don't know how to proceed.
  9. The entrance to the cave is blocked by trees. Quest appears on quests log. Went back and talked to the Sage again for good measure but it does not seem to unlock anything. Am I missing something? I saw a gamer on youtube completing the quest with no problems, path to entrance was open and cave accessible.
  10. i can quote verbatim what this user is saying: all clear, but barbs bastion quest still open.
  11. What an idiot, I knew it was something that simple... thank you very much for your help. For some reason I thought that one level was enough after you read the book, in other words you could go from 1 to 3. I may be wrong but in older games that was the case.
  12. dear all, the barrier east of the beast pen in the NE part of Lair of Sulfras is a level 3, so theoretically it should come down after one reads the level3 dispel barrier spellbook in the lair of Khoth, right? I read the spellbook, - in fact I went there twice because I thought maybe I dreamt I had already been there, but no, when I read the book the second time I get the message "... already has advanced knowledge of dispel barrier" -I check and my mage still has level 2, I cast the spell and obviously the barrier does not come down and I get the usual message about my level not b
  13. thank you all for your help, after looking at other threads I figured that not all was lost, so to speak, I was afraid I'd be stuck and incapable of advancing the main quest but thank god it's not the case. basically, I have played every game that Jeff made and, for once, I wanted to have ALL the open quests disappear from the log once they are completed, I found the ones related to food, clothes etc supremely annoying to be still there when it's all said and done... so I guess it's not going to be the case not even with Ruined World, at least in this play through. wha
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