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A3RW - I'm being poisoned !!!

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Actually, I'm getting acid-ed... it happens every once in awhile, and doesn't really do a meaningful amount of damage, but it's just odd!!  I'm assuming I picked up some Xian item that I shouldn't have, and I *do* have several Xian items, though most of them I'm not wearing, but the only one that I've read about that has such an effect is the Xian Pouch, which I don't have in inventory, as far as I can tell.  I should probably check Special Items; maybe it's hiding there; or maybe the Xian-item definitions changed in A3RW??

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44 minutes ago, googoogjoob said:

You have a bar of uranium in your inventory.

Heh... interesting... actually, I had *two* of them, but not in normal inventory, I had them in our junk bag.  I had read that we could safely carry them in the junk bag, and I wondered if I'd eventually find a use for them (which I haven't, so far).  Well, apparently I can carry *one* of them safely in junk, since I was doing so for most of the game, but when I grabbed the second one awhile back, that *does* seem to be when our 'entertainment' began...


Anyway, thanks for the warning, they're gone now...



Later note: no, I'm still getting acid attacks:
"One of your characters suddenly falls ill for some reason!"
I have gold, fine steel, iron ingots, but uranium any more.  Junk bag is empty.
And as far as I can tell, I don't have the Xian Pouch either.

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1 minute ago, googoogjoob said:

Do you have a character wearing the Pyrrhic Gauntlets? They are also radioactive.

Oh My!!  That must be it!!  And I found those at roughly the time that this started occurring....

What a dilemma; those are pretty nice gauntlets... I'll have to decide how badly I object to getting acidified...


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