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Through the Filth Factory, still using a crude halberd

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There is a steel halberd in a cache nw of poulsbo (east of Lorelei (sp?)).  Go up and get it asap.  Not sure what nature lore is required.  I like to start games off by getting the good items at the beginning as much as possible.  Carmine can make you a nice sword as well after you do the goblin/bandit lair (you'll have the 1000 gp by then).  You can also quickly get 4/5 stone circles if you want.  There is a steel shield N of appleton and a steel broadsword east of poulsbo on a body. 


The item index lists a steel shortsword N of Libras, into in the gremlin valley a bit hidden by the mountain wall..I verified it, it's there.


There are probably other easy to obtain items. 

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2 hours ago, Minion said:

If I recall correctly, you were rewarded the Lava-Fired Spear for defeating the source of the slime plague. A Crude Halberd is pretty much on the same level, actually, just without the magical bonuses.


It’s a spear for magic users and lacks splash damage. That was awfully deflating. The game seems to throw a lot of minor trinkets and spells at you instead of outfitting your meat heads. I just want some feedback here so that I can feel like a good little boy for investing in polearms when the skill tree doesn’t even support it.


need to dual-wield halberds, Jeff. What else are Slithzerikai good for?

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54 minutes ago, Edgwyn said:

I equipped my Mage with it in A:CS as well due to the magical damage bonus.


Mine kept it throughout the assorted hikes across the surface for just that reason. 8%(?) is a 'real' nice damage boost when you're dealing out big spells towards the end game.

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