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  1. He gives direct xp. The xp decreases with level and then precipitously drops off a cliff near level 35 at which point the xp amount is only 60. As far as I am concerned he is essential to use for torment singletons so that you can actually damage creatures. Not sure for larger parties. All party members get xp for that price. On normal difficulty for instance I had no need of him with a singleton.
  2. I collected a body for Oriathon in Hectar but he is now dead. Is it intentional to have bounties whose recipients are gone? If not I will report as a bug. I checked other places in Hectar and Shader and did not find Oriathon.
  3. By the way Jeff should add a Lightning Sword to fill-out the set of 5 :P. Maybe that would be overpowered though.
  4. You were able to wield radiant soulblade & one of the elemental swords? Did Jeff remove the broadsword classification for the elemental swords at some point (v1.01?) then? Even recently I was unable to equip both.
  5. It was a sick twisted joke. Don't follow me into the abyss if you value your sanity. But maybe you've already left it at the door? I honestly don't know what the bug is or even if it's a bug because I'm having the same issue. How many plagues have you finished?
  6. Rentar will give you one if you attack her. Someone else does as well. I think the demon behind the giant's forge maybe. There might be other places.
  7. The laying and subsequent fertilization of unicorn eggs is no laughing matter.
  8. I think with Vahnatai lore, sage lore and a few points of arcane lore I was able to get dispel barrier L3 in Khoth's lair. Honestly you will be stuck with L2 for most spells atleast until near endgame when you get more points of VL. Forget howl of terror though (has anyone used this regularly? does it work well for large mobs?). For singletons I am a fan of having action point increasing items (here black halberd + quicksilver sandals). I blink to the center of a mob, hit adrenaline rush and triple nuke them with divine retribution. L3 DR is nice because I think it can also s
  9. There is a steel halberd in a cache nw of poulsbo (east of Lorelei (sp?)). Go up and get it asap. Not sure what nature lore is required. I like to start games off by getting the good items at the beginning as much as possible. Carmine can make you a nice sword as well after you do the goblin/bandit lair (you'll have the 1000 gp by then). You can also quickly get 4/5 stone circles if you want. There is a steel shield N of appleton and a steel broadsword east of poulsbo on a body. The item index lists a steel shortsword N of Libras, into in the gremlin valley a bit hidden by t
  10. Oh for future reference, not sure if this is a bug, but I was able to get the northern metal without the map. You can do so quite early in the game
  11. There should be another location albeit much later in the game. You'll know when you are there.
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