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Favorite abandonware games?

Rhinestone Jedi

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So today I was setting up a virtual machine with Windows 98 so that I could play some old exile 3 goodness, and it got me thinking...  what other old games can I play while I'm at it?


Anyone have any favorite very old games, that are still legally gettable?  Aside from Exile 3, I used to really love two games that are now abandonware... one called Crime Fighter where you walk/drive around the streets of a town, pulling various heists, trying to become crime boss of the underworld... and another is WinWarII,  a World War 2 turn-based game that I absolutely loved back in the 90s.  They'll both be getting some love on my virtual machine.



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On 2/11/2018 at 9:29 AM, Dorgath said:



Has tons of old games. Crime Fighter is there




but not your second one (that I could find)


Crime Fighter is good! Yes!


Kenny Garg
https://showbox.onl/ https://mobdro.onl/ Tutuapp

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Schiffbruch or Shipwrecked in German is a pretty good game if you like survival type ones.  Reminds me a bit of Geneforge in graphics and movement.  You crash land and have to hurry to find/make your shelter, find food and fresh water, find enough time to get decent rest, etc. or you die.  I am not sure if it is truly considered abandonware or freeware though and apparently recently they or someone remade the game as an app.

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Mmmm, an old game I played in recent years was Siege of Avalon. I found it by chance as I was browsing for decent isometric CRPGs. It was pretty good, and I guess being released 19 years ago would qualify it as an old game. It was originally released in 6 chapters(with the first one being free and you having to buy the other 5). Eventually it got released as an anthology together so you didn't have to get them separately.

Basically, the backstory is that 7 kingdoms are in an uneasy alliance, with the fortress/castle of Avalon being the central meeting place. The world also contains a massive and powerful nomadic race known as the Sha'ahoul(who are kinda orcs). Their entire cultural and religious beliefs are at opposing sides with the 7 kingdoms, and eventually an all out war breaks out. As more and more refugees flees a merciless onslaught, the kingdoms gathers their forces in and around Avalon, it being seen as their last line of hope. If Avalon falls, so falls the kingdoms. And then, the Sha'ahoul starts a siege on Avalon itself.

As for legal links, mmm. Amazon appears to have it, I think: https://www.amazon.com/Siege-Avalon-PC/dp/B0000AKA84

Honestly, I don't know where else you can legally get it. People have been requesting it to be put on GOG, but it might never happen.

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