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Avernum 3: Stuck in Golem Factory

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How do I kill The Spire's Heart in the Golem Factory?  I've cleared all 4 golem spires, but I can't actually damage the final boss of the factory, he's immune to everything.



I've currently got the factory control panel set to:

Furnace Draw: Pull
Generation Intensity: Medium
Approach Paths: FL-2
Shielding Lower: Off
Grid Alpha: Off
Shielding Upper: Off
Grid Beta: Off
Generator Fuses: Offline
Grid Star: Off
Thalen Intensf.: High

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Hello, I have followed the above advice in regard to the factory settings (though must say I have no idea of what I have done) but am having serious problems even traversing this area. Those red beams just keep stopping me from doing anything. I find switches and flip them and have no idea of what they change. Is there anyone out there who can direct me in the right direction, thanks.


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On 2/7/2018 at 10:18 AM, Randomizer said:

There are two thing's the Heart isn't immune to:


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Spray Acid, which takes time to do enough damage, and the energy beams that require moving two mirrors to make the south energy beam source hit it.



Could you please provide more elaboration on the second part of your sentence? I am playing on Torment, with 1 tank, 1 bow, 1 priest, 1 mage, level 29, and I am having an extremely hard time taking The Spire's Heart down with just spray acid (even with battle frenzy and invulnerability potions and such).

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I didn't need the beam my mage did it with acid spray, though my second grunt has the emerald halberd which is acid and he wasn't having any effect. Though getting my mage just, through to Adrenaline Rush meant she got quite a lot onto the crystal. My Nephil Priest had moved the mirror inside the room and was just in process of fetching the outside mirror while contesting with the Demon Golem when the shield was pierced. 

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Hello, I'm stuck on the second floor of the Golem factory since a while. How am I supposed to dispeal the barriers in the south ? Ok there's a mirror, I guess I must do something with it but for now I don't know what. I tried several combinaisons on the control panel of the lower level (most switches on off) but if it made a difference I can't see it. And I already cleared the 4 Golem spires. I'd be glad if you could help me ;)



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My guess is you didn't set the control panel completely correct on the floor below since I've never seen that magical barrier. The ones on the right side of the screen can be removed by the dispel barrier spell, but some need level 3.


From the Hint Book the settings on the Control Panel are (some are called differently on the panel):

Grid Beta

Grid Alpha

Shielding First

Shielding Second

Generator Fuses

Generation Intensity to Low


the other buttons do nothing or make things worse. Alpha and Star remove the laser beams blocking passages. Good luck


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