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change item weight

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On ‎2‎/‎6‎/‎2018 at 1:09 PM, marnick said:

Is there a file I can edit to easily change the weight of items? The back-and-forth is just a complete waste of time. I could also cheat more strength but that'd impact actual gameplay aspects.


more specifically I'm currently playing GeneForge 3



Playing as a Shaper, I've cheated more strength. Not a crazy amount mind you, a 10-12 or something. I still have problems carrying too much but the game was built with that limitation in mind, I think. 


Changing everything to 1 would also make coins weight that much perhaps, and potions and stackables etc. Also, it would make the choice between armors meaningless.

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Kind of a shame there's no junk bag in any of the Geneforge games. Would've made things so much easier. Oh well. XD

Truth be told, some of the items in the game weigh way more than they should, at least IMO. I never hesitate to either 1) Make my character have more strength so they can carry more, or 2) Make the items weigh less when it makes sense. XD

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