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Hi all,


I'm working on a check to determine which character has the highest willpower in the party. The manual calls this skill a 'secondary' skill derived from the primary skills. From memory, this skill becomes available when certain other skills are at a high tough level, which brings me to my question: (1) what primary skill does willpower depend on, and (2) at what level can I expect this skill to be in a level 35-40 party? I don't want the check to be impossible to pass, but I also don't want every single party to make it through.




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Manual says:

"Willpower (Base: INT/2 + MAG/2 + PRI/2) - Helps you resist the effects of charming, paralysis, and other mental attacks. Each level of it increases your chance of resisting by %5."

So it all depends on what level of magical skills a PC has. This is of course tricky to guess in a level 35-40 party, a PC could have any level in any Magical skill.

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It's not documented, but Magery also adds to Willpower at a 1:1 ratio. The actual formula is Willpower = Int/2 + Mag/2 + Pri/2 + Magery.


By the time you hit level 35, I'd expect your primary spellcasters to have raised their primary skill (Mage Spells, Priest Spells) to 17 to access all the available spells and to have raised Int to at least 10 or so. From 17/2 (which BoA rounds down to 8) and 10/2, that'd be a sum of 13. You definitely have access to Magery at that point, and there's a pretty good chance that the party has added some to it — it's cheaper than both Int and Mage Spells/Priest Spells, just for adding spellcasting power. My standard level 35 party has a Magery of 8, which totals a Willpower of 21.


A dual-classed spellcaster (i.e., a character that loads up on both Mage Spells and Priest Spells) could have Int of 8, Mag of 17, and Pri of 17 at level 35, which totals a Willpower of 20.


So I'd say a reasonably high Willpower at level 35 is about 20 or 21.

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To give you some more data, I went and checked back on a couple of my parties in the level 35 range. Here are the willpowers for the two spellcasters for an early level-35 party of mine which isn't particularly optimal:


Level 35 Nephil Priest: Willpower 18

Level 37 Human Mage: Willpower 18


For the sake of contrast, here are the willpowers for a newer, much more optimal party:


Level 36 Slith Priest: Willpower 23

Level 37 Slith Mage: Willpower 17


This bears out with Kel's comments, I think. As an early player, I was getting willpowers of around 18 without particularly trying to do so. However, as a more experienced player focused on building magic power, I was getting willpowers of over 20 for roughly the same level. 


So I'd suggest a check of around 21 or so if you want the check to be reasonably difficult.


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Hey all,


Thanks for the useful information! Once again I'm in your debt.


Ishad: I'm guessing that's the BoA manual, not the Editor manual?

Kel: Thanks for the calculations, those are very useful, and a good guideline!

Ess: Thanks for the second opinion and validation! Seems like it agrees well with Kel's comments.


It seems a willpower of 20 should be good for my purposes.

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