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To Steam or Not To Steam....

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Have played the Geneforge series a few times over the years and always have it loaded on my computers. Just got a new laptop and went to do it again but see it seems now to only be available from Steam. Once bought again and downloaded, is the series able to be played offline? I do not keep my laptop connected most of the time. Do prior owners still have an option to download a non-steamed version?


Thanks for your time.

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If you purchase the Steam version it should be able to run in offline mode, but if you've already purchased the game, you shouldn't need to buy it again: email support@spiderwebsoftware.com with details of your purchase (the name and email address you originally bought it under is usually enough) and I'm sure they'll be able to help you out.

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It was a question motivated from uncertainty of Steam, not of dislike for supporting Jeff.


I bought them as they came out over the years then again later when they came out on disk as a set. Jeff Vogel is one of the few men in the business I totally respect for his devotion and creativity. He is one of a very few who  can capture my imagination and draw me in to the story. I have been a fan since GF 1 came out. Heck the version I first played had a ghost in the first area by the docks :). Only a few even know what I am referring to.


Present Steam price is insanely low, as long as it DOES work offline. If Support can't verify my past purchases, I buy from Steam now I know it will work offline. 



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