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[GF5] Alhoon's work on a total conversion mod (POSTPONED)

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Dear all, this thread would serve to talk about my grandiose plan to make a total conversion mod for Geneforge 5. The mod will take place in a big island, 4-5 years after the Rebellion started and every zone will be new.

The Kian's Modding Suite tool in combination with my own tools (made in matlab) make the design of completely new zones easy enough for me to take this undertaking.


The task is anything but simple. Anyone that has followed my modding work would realize that if mods expanding on the existing content of GF5 took me close to a year each, this one will take longer. Even including the work I've already put towards the mod (modified creations and items can be tested here) I expect the project to take me quite some time since I won't work full time. The first target for release is early 2020 (subject to change). I will release a small demo, containing the first couple of zones earlier.


So, why do I bother you all so early? Because while I have a vision for this mod (a couple of you are aware of some details) I would like to discuss some of my plans and later to see if I can trick entice any volunteers.


What I have decided so far (opinions, suggestions and constructive criticism welcome):

  • The scope of the game will be smaller than the full games. My plan is for the game to feel in size and power progression similar to Mera Tev and early Storm Plains.
  • The area will be an island of moderate size (about the size of Lesbos or  Mauritius), with one city, two small towns and several villages.
  • The area will contain 18-22 zones (not 80 like the full games).
  • The Rebellion has reached this island less than a year ago and the land is divided between the Shapers and various factions of the Rebellion.
  • The Shapers of this island have seen their numbers reduced as the council draw from their numbers to support the war effort. There are less than 20 shapers (including apprentices and prospectives) remaining.
  • The Rebellion lacks coordination between the factions and has no true central command.
  • The level range will be 18 to about 35. However, the plan is for level 35 to feel closer to 26-27 level in power; you will be powerful but not able to take on whole armies.
  • The power of the enemies will be mostly static. A rank-and-file soldier encountered at the beginning will have the same stats as a rank-and-file soldier encountered at the end. Some enemies will increase in power as they gain more battle experience or access to more canisters, better equipment, magic etc.
  • There will be no named characters from the other games directly involved. There will be rumors about Alwan fighting in Ilya province or word that Greta\Litalia\Ghaldring sent canisters\reinforcements but you will not see them in the game.
  • Speaking of canisters, they will be rare and more powerful. Unless there is a reason for it, there won't be a canister in a wrecked house.
  • Not all creations will be possible to be made in the game. Knowledge to make Kyshaaks hasn't reached that island yet for example and war-tralls and wingbolts are rare.


What I would specifically like input on

I was thinking to start working on the "Character is at the side of the Rebellion" questline first since I prefer the Rebels. However, I realized there's an easier path:

Player being a trakovite. But not a Trakovite "follower" that gets his orders or even suggestions from someone. The Player could be the first Trakovite to set foot on that area, moving around the embattled island trying to convince people to become Trakovites trying to balance expanding their numbers (and power) against drawing attention. 

Then, depending on who the player has convinced to join (and assuming those have not been exposed by the Shapers \ hardcore rebels and executed) he or she may attempt a coup. Or exact promises from either side to step back somewhat from Shaping in exchange for the now-powerful Trakovite faction joining them and lesser punishments for captured Trakovites.  

The player would be severely hampered on Shaping (even if he or she picks up a bit of it) and would have to rely on hirelings and personal power to survive.


This idea is not fully developed yet. I am not sure that's the direction I would want for this.

Do you think that I should focus on the "traditional" Rebel \ Shaper fight and perhaps later put in the Trakovite path? Or 3 full games on Rebels \ Shapers and Trakovites being crushed underfoot is enough to justify a short game about a Trakovite trying to get some power?

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"The more options, the better," is always my view--which is one reason I liked GF2 so much (you could choose from principled factions, chasing power for the sake of it, or staying above the fray and by default remaining loyal to the people who sent you).  I ended the last game as a Trakovite shaper/lifecrafter and didn't mind the hypocrisy at all...but it might be fun as well as logical to play it with the kinds of limitations you are describing.   Also, if the "Trakovite game" is substantively different from the "shaper game" or the "rebel game," that would give your mod more replay value.  

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