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Windows 3D Editor


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Does anybody have, or have a link for, the Windows 3D editor? The link to Tridash's editor in the forum header is broken, and I can only seem to find Isaac's editor for Mac. Literally any version of any 3D editor will be fine - I just can't bear drawing terrain in 2D. 


Thanks in advance. 

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Hi nikki,


Here's a link to a page which hosts a Windows version of the 3D editor:




I believe this isn't the most recent version – it looks like the original port of the Mac version before Tridash worked on it – but hopefully that should be enough. For the record, I did have a quick look in the Internet Archive, but unfortunately the link to Tridash's editor wasn't stored there.



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You might have some luck with the Wayback Machine:
For links, see topic "New Windows 3D Editor"

Tridash might be contacted by a personal message:

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Thanks, but I've already looked with the Wayback Machine (as did Ess-Eschas, if you go back and read their post), and I've spoken to Tridash directly.


The two versions of the editor in your linked post (http://spiderwebforums.ipbhost.com/index.php?/topic/16333-new-windows-3d-editor/#comment-214652) both only offer minor changes to the original 3D editor which Ess-Eschas linked to, too.





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Is this any more useful? It's a copy of a version of Isaac's 3D editor hosted on Jewels's site. I don't know if it's any newer than the ones you have. It has a Windows version although it says it's unfinished.


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