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Can't get Dispel Barrier 3 in Avernum 2

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I am having a weird issue where it consistently says I don't know enough about Arcane Lore to read the book.


I am a singleton with 10 Arcane Lore, Sage Lore, and 4 Vahnatai Lore. I tried removing all of my Arcane Lore and adding it back in the editor, no dice. Removed my Sage Lore and added it back and no dice. Honestly, I have no earthly idea why I can't read the book. Any thoughts?

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After checking the book for the first time, did you talk to Pyrn to get him to remove the trap on it? If you don't do that you need something like 13 Arcane Lore, and Sage Lore and Vahnatai Lore don't count; the requirement is reduced after you talk to him. If he already died, you're out of luck.

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tip for the future: when you get to new area make new save on free slot so you have backup save if you fubar something.


you could have used editor to give needed al etc to your char and after reading book reduced extra al etc same way as you gave those.


Even the editor can't increase stats above normal maximums. Since reading the book with the trap still on it requires over 10 Arcane Lore, it can't be done with a singleton.

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