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  1. Well, crap. Made a new character, gave him some AL, then deleted him after I read the book. That fixed it.
  2. I am having a weird issue where it consistently says I don't know enough about Arcane Lore to read the book. I am a singleton with 10 Arcane Lore, Sage Lore, and 4 Vahnatai Lore. I tried removing all of my Arcane Lore and adding it back in the editor, no dice. Removed my Sage Lore and added it back and no dice. Honestly, I have no earthly idea why I can't read the book. Any thoughts?
  3. I was playing through Geneforge 1 again, and I noticed that one of the serviles has an interesting name. xD
  4. I greatly enjoyed the game on my first playthrough. Then things got really frustrating after subsequent playthroughs. My biggest peeves are: Moving only one square in complete darkness mode. This was never an issue in previous Avernum games because the AP was lower and you made each individual movement in a direction for your character. In this game, though, it's a pain to have to accurately click right next to your character while dodging all of the obstacles in your way (especially in the Final Gauntlet). Like, I'm not saying that it needs to be designed differently map wise, just that moving shouldn't be strenuous. I feel like this game is a "My First Spiderweb Software Game". I sorely miss the lack of customization that was in the previous games. I understand that there's a larger market with random people on Steam picking the game up for the first time, but it still hurts to pick one attribute and two skills every level, with many stats capping really quickly. Power didn't feel exponential, but additive. Lower levels in previous Avernum games felt pretty lackluster, but I greatly enjoyed that aspect. Then, as you started to hit levels 25-30, every single level (which became harder and harder to get) started to exponentially raise your passive power through assassination, health, and mana, all while you rounded out your abilities and unlocked the newer, better abilities. This is definitely friendlier for newer players, but I feel like the characters are now pretty much all the same. There's less replay value to experiment with builds. I know that I, for one, spent more time in the other Avernum games replaying the first sections and trying out different builds than advancing through the stories. Torment, due to the lack of customization, felt like it was much harder than in previous games. It ended up being me waiting in the middle of nowhere for a random encounter to grind on for a lot of sections of my playthrough. I didn't feel like it was challenging, so much as stupid. I really liked doing singleton torment challenges in other games which is a dice roll at best in this game. Especially since you can never hit 100% in a resistance, and the Grah Hoth fight would always end with him hitting me with a 10% Terrify, me running off the pentagram, and dying from the death curse. But I also liked that several annoying things were removed, like moving, invisible, spell casting opponents.
  5. I had a Power Mac (it was so awesome it could play those fancy games that needed 4 MB of RAM, like Nanosaur!) and my dad frequently brought home freebies from being subscribed to and showing up to a lot of Mac events. One of these things we got was something along the lines of "Mac CD Warehouse". If I recall correctly, it had many, many game demos on it. All of the stuff I loved growing up. Power Pete, Realmz, Exile 1+2, Odyssey (Legend of Nemesis), Darkwood 1+2, Wolfenstein, some shooters, Marathon 1+2+Infinity. Good times. I probably also have most of these confused with games that were on Mario's Game Gallery. Like Alone in the Dark. I found out they're still making those and they never got any better. ~_~
  6. I got the 5 cache on my 10th as well. I have all of the achievements unlocked save captain and commander (beat game on hard and torment). I'm not 100% certain, but I believe that beating everything on torment in one play-through can unlock everything, but that would be an absolute nightmare. I made a lot of building mistakes on my characters. I tried to replicate my dual-wielding dodge-tank in A6, picking up Riposte if I do get hit. What that meant was the my tank could be glass-cannon, wear cloth, and never get hit to need armor. That's how I played this game. I WANT MY HOURS OF PAIN AND TORTURE BACK. But seriously, it can be done, but you would have to read the min-max guide before hand or you might make terrible, terrible mistakes. And it's no fun to spoil the difficulty for yourself, either. The only spoiler I used in my 100% unlock normal mode run was to find the 40th supply cache (sneaky Jeff).
  7. If this game is like its previous versions, you can do all three. I'm not quite there yet myself (I'm right before Grah-Hoth), but this should remain true.
  8. Originally Posted By: Randomizer Originally Posted By: HOUSE of S Broadswords ARE messed up. Wow. Due to a mistake in the ability definitions file, shortswords get bonus points from Melee Weapons skill, but broadswords DON'T. Wow. This is definitely a bug, and it's very real. I apologize for doubting you. Luckily players switch over to special swords quite soon and avoid that bug. I do like to do non-artifact runs from time to time. I was looking at getting an early Steel Broadsword because I figured that special weapons would be as rare in this version of Avernum as in other versions. Boy was I wrong. I'm honestly very surprised that Scrioth didn't make a return. I miss shooting firebolts out of my sword. >
  9. Originally Posted By: HOUSE of S Oh, wow. I see what's going on here. The halberds are working the way they are supposed to; the Iron Spear just has 3 levels of bonus more than the Bronze Halberd. Broadswords ARE messed up. Wow. Due to a mistake in the ability definitions file, shortswords get bonus points from Melee Weapons skill, but broadswords DON'T. Wow. This is definitely a bug, and it's very real. I apologize for doubting you. (EDIT: Happily, this bug does not afflict the Remix, as I eliminated the distinction between sword types.) No worries. I should have posted images from the get-go. I was thinking that more people had this issue, so they would be able to answer my question from experience. I just kind of figured that Jeff thought cleave was overpowered and made broads scale worse intentionally.
  10. I ran up and killed King Micah the other day, just to see what would happen. I was surprised when the answer was nothing.
  11. I'm changing the original post to reflect the images I'm uploading showing the weapon damage. The copper short deals way more damage than the iron broad. Same with spears to halberds.
  12. That must be it. This was before I got the dual wielding perks. So I would have an effective -20% damage on my Steel Broadsword and that would cause the discrepancy. I will confirm this, but it sounds right. EDIT: Doesn't work on my current game, since I have exactly enough dual wielding bonuses to exactly negate the damage loss. I still think this is right.
  13. I can post a picture later. I will have to grab another crude short and steel broad. I checked several times and I was simply puzzled by it. I was referring to the primary damage and not the cleave damage.
  14. I have been playing through the game (about level 23, just killed Sss-Thsss) and my main warrior has 20 melee and 10 blademaster. Is it normal that all shortswords exceed the damage of all broadswords at this point? I was originally very excited for broadswords as they did more damage and could cleave, but can't be used in the offhand slot. For whatever reason (likely poor scaling) my Steel Broadsword does about 30 less damage on average than a Crude Shortsword. Is there any method to this madness, or are shortswords just monstrous late-game? EDIT: Here are the images: Weapon Damage Images The broadswords out DPS the shortswords for all of my characters that have 0 melee weapons. Otherwise, the shortswords out DPS the broads. I can't figure out what's going on with my game.
  15. I say just man up and take your mistakes as mistakes. I decided at level 15 that polearms suck and that my tool use guy was going to use bows. Now he's a steaming, worthless pile of crap, but that's okay. As far as achievements and the editor, I don't plan to use the editor until I've gotten all of the achievements anyway. I mean, isn't that how it should be? Skyrim doesn't let you reset perks.
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