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help with the final boss in geneforge 5 [SPOILER]

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it's the assault to inner gazaki-uss against ghaldring.


level 50 lifecrafter siding with astoria. i specialize in fire creation, have 2 drakons, 1 cyrodrayk and 1 kyshakk with me, all buffed and constantly healed, i also charm enemies creation. normal difficulty



i progress well, until for a while, then i always overwhelmed by the fight, with my essence running low, enemies keep destroying my creations and such, they attack from every direction possible and can spew 2-3 new creation every turn. every creation i killed or charmed, a new one appear.


i tried just focusing on ghaldring, still doesnt work, tried to kill the other drakons that shape and deactivating the pylons, still no avail, in the end all the creations overwhelms me.


i thought of searching other parts of the area to somehow find a way to weaken them, but i always gets killed. plus ghaldring's attack deals AOE damage that hurt all party and status effect, i just don't have the resource to heal/cure/charm/defend at the same time. the fight just go on until all items (like rods, spores, batons, etc) ran out and everything died


the other 3 shapers are pretty much useless as they just stand at the entrance sending weak creations that arent any help at all.

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Actually, I never had a problem with this fight. Do you take out the pillars and the side-drakons? Get the extra creations that are locked in rooms?


well at first, i didn't go out and recharge since the beginning of gazaki uss, i rushed trough it to the inner part, and got decimated.


so after that, i tried again, go back out, clear the fisrt area of gazaki-uss, go back and recharge/resupply, kick the side drakons, go back again, then face ghaldring and his 2 friends, while blowing up the backdoor.


it become considerably easier without 10 rothgoth, cyrodrayks, and war trall surrounding you.


anyway, i am gonna miss experiencing the series fresh again, i will absolutely replay the series sometime in the future, but the first time is always the most wonderful experiences, learning trough each games, while the world, characters, factions, and stories slowly unfold on you. this series is really jeff's magnum opus imo.


i love avernum and avadon, but i feel in term of gameplay, story, worldbuilding and overall design, geneforge is the best <3, shoud jeff ever does remake, i would buy em day 1

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You can leave? I haven't done that. I ran the whole "finale" without going to a city. And 50th lvl lifecrafter with just these creations you mentioned? Why didn't you make more level 5s? I was with 2 high level (from artifacts) gazers, 1 drakon, 1 Kyshaak and 2 tralls. Add to that Platano's robe and other artifacts and items and you would be able to cleave them without any problem.

At your level, a well boosted top rank group could cleave 2-3 rotgroths per turn.

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