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  1. corruption is the best thing from the series. then tawon is fascinating too. too bad we get lots of the boring ones (wyldrim imo) and less of the more interesting ones (lands of titans, tawon, and corruption) i am also fascinated by the collective consciousness of the corruption too
  2. what about telling eye thamsin the location of spiral? will that anger natalie?
  3. eye halia said we need pass phrase of some sort to enter the library peacefully. where can i find it?
  4. yeah, it was more about how they have a globe model that's used in many places. they don't know where exactly the continent is in point of other landmarks on the planet. the globes are gonna be inaccurate as hell too. but seeing our own old world maps, yeah, they probably make stuff up on the other parts
  5. i have noticed in avadon 3 (i am not sure about previous games, maybe there are, maybe there aren't) there are globes / scale model of the planet scattered all across the games (usually found in libraries, or other places of extensive knowledge). that indicate their culture is aware about the general shape of their planet, right? but in one of the codex, we know that they haven't even travelled as far to other continents yet. how is their technology / knowledge is advanced enough without having the ability to cross over the ocean? that being said, knowing and measure the shape/circumferenc
  6. well at first, i didn't go out and recharge since the beginning of gazaki uss, i rushed trough it to the inner part, and got decimated. so after that, i tried again, go back out, clear the fisrt area of gazaki-uss, go back and recharge/resupply, kick the side drakons, go back again, then face ghaldring and his 2 friends, while blowing up the backdoor. it become considerably easier without 10 rothgoth, cyrodrayks, and war trall surrounding you. anyway, i am gonna miss experiencing the series fresh again, i will absolutely replay the series sometime in the future, but the first time
  7. okay, i killed the one in the corners of the dome. but the way out to retreat wont open. what happened? is it because i blew up the back door?
  8. it's the assault to inner gazaki-uss against ghaldring. level 50 lifecrafter siding with astoria. i specialize in fire creation, have 2 drakons, 1 cyrodrayk and 1 kyshakk with me, all buffed and constantly healed, i also charm enemies creation. normal difficulty i progress well, until for a while, then i always overwhelmed by the fight, with my essence running low, enemies keep destroying my creations and such, they attack from every direction possible and can spew 2-3 new creation every turn. every creation i killed or charmed, a new one appear. i tried just focusing on ghaldri
  9. is there an yway to turn it off? if you press "tab" it highlight the character and other stuff like usual, but this time around all the buttons got text, and they take up like 30% of the screen. anyway i can still highlight stuff without showing what every button means?
  10. reading his last blog post: i think his problem is trying to solo everything. i dunno, it is his business model, fast and cheap and that allow him to survive for 20 years, while raising a family of 2 daughters. that is really respectable. but then again, as a selfish fan, i'd really like him to up the ante. it doesn't have to be big, maybe a team of 3-4 people working full time instead of going solo with freelance help. he as the main designer/writer to think up the general direction, lore and mechanics, while the rest take up the detail works, which as years goes by, he will be l
  11. the only bad thing about that trailer is the fall announcement :< i wish it come out on summer so i can binge play it on summer vacation
  12. i don't think they care that way. it's not compassion, but not willing to give up years of research and discovery to the flames. it's like a recovering alcoholic that still keep stash "just in case"
  13. well yeeah, he actually isn't that old, but the way he speak about himself in his blog make him like an old wizard or something
  14. yeah. judging on the position of the island, it's kinda weird. if it's some super isolated, and hard to rreach island barring, might work. the problem is sucia (based on the ending) is only few miles off the coast of the mainline somewhere. they bar it with no real way to enforce it. my theory is the shapers are too proud, and doesnt have the guts to destroy it. they value the discovery they made there and someday when they think they are ready, they will be back and seize control of it.
  15. i heard somewhere jeff said it's probably the last new ip. creating new stuff takes alot of work, and he's too old for that right now. after avadon 3: warborn he said he's just going to remake old games like geneforge, then retire. he should have taken an apprentice or something to continue his legacy or maybe one of his daughters decide to follow her father's legacy and keep spiderweb soft alive
  16. to be fair, between greta and alwan, alwan is the more fanatic for me. especially in the end, if you side with the shapers, he decided to make the sect even more harsh in enforcing their rules. it is just the rebel in G4 has grown very dangerous and a threat to mankind as a whole. it's pretty much segregated by 2 sides, human rebels, and creation rebels. in G3, they are at least still shown to work together, people opressed by shaper banding and fighting. now another whole ideas like pirik's start to appear, and when the rebellion ends, humans and creation will separate, and honestly,
  17. idonotexist42's points are pretty much spot-on to what i feel too. in 1 and 2, we get "good moderate" faction that is the awakened. they are rational, reasonable, and avoids violence whenever they can. they fight for freedom in its very core. now skip to 3 and 4. people with moderate view can't survive anymore. in the end, they have to pick sides. and like you said, between power hungry drakons, and tyrannical shaper, i'd choose shaper. i haven't played 5 yet, but so far the rebels are dirtier. in 3, they razed town, terrorize townsfolk and pretty much throw them into starvation, and
  18. geneforge 1: they seem terrible, tyrannical, power hugnry organization geneforge 2: pretty much the same geneforge 3: maybe the secretive and hardness have a point geneforge 4: rebels, especially drakons are dangerous
  19. i noticed that this topic isn't stickied anymore. i guess jeff is already in the late stage of the development now? hype
  20. it's just some thing i noticed browsing some forum (well even when you exclude codex, it still receive less praise from fans) but yeah, maybe it's the loud minority that i heard. anyway, avadon 3 is near, and i'm hyped. can't wait the finale of the trilogy
  21. well for instance people said it's too linear, mission based instead of free roam or open world like avernum/geneforge. but i praise jeff for trying new things. the story is good, and the setting is quite enjoyable, party members interaction is deeper than avernum / geneforge, and i can see jeff wants to emulate bioware-lite party interaction where they have their own story/sub quest etc, and he do it quite well. non playable characters are quite memorable too, especially the villains. the gameplay is quite original on its own, and i feel all vogel's games have quite distinct character sys
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