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TM's Scenarios


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Does anyone know of a preferred sequence for playing the Scenarios created by Terror's Martyr?

With numerous names, it would appear that not all are related, but that several are.

I've opened them all and made a list of the latest date of any file within each, but as above, it appears that there is quite a variety and I'd like to follow each 'Story-Line' from beginning to end.

many thanx,


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My notes from ages ago say that Echoes consists of (in this order):



Echoes: Assault

Echoes: Black Horse

Echoes: Pawns

Echoes: Combat/Skirmish


Bandits II: Ballad of the Red Star



I gather that at least one subsequently-released BoA scenario is part of the series too.


This page lists TM's releases from Echoes: Assault on, including non-Echoes scenarios, and you may as well go in chronological order.

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First, thanks for the reply.

However, I have a list of 16 Scenarios created by TM. I have opened them and listed them in sequence by the latest file in each. They are:

1.) Unbalanced Accounts

2.) Strella Spies

3.) Inn of Blades

4.) teh grich !!!

5.) Echoes

6.) Echoes, Assault

7.( teh grich2

8.) Echoes, Pawns

9.) Echoes, Black Horse - Hyperion

10.) Bandits

11.) Echoes, Combat aka Combat

12.) Roses of Reckonong

13.) Ballad of the Red Star

14.) Two Strands

15.) Nebulous Times Hence

16.) Minimalism


I was hoping that with several similar titles, there might be some sort of an overall Story-Line for some of them.




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TM has always said he doesn't like the first two. They're his first attempts and are stand-alone. Inn of Blades isn't connected directly to any other scenario, being mostly a pile of cameos from community members, although references to it are made throughout his other scenarios. Teh Grich and its sequel are parodies of a scenario called "The Grinch", which is a terrible scenario, probably intentionally so. I forget who made it, maybe the Fizz brothers. Bandits and its sequel are separate from Echoes, I think, although I've only played the first. I remember I loved a particular artifact from that scenario. Minimalism was a joke; I think all that happens in it is you take one step, TM insults you, and it ends. I'm pretty sure Nebulous Times Hence, Corporeus, Two Strands, and Roses of Reckoning are standalone. Roses of Reckoning was largely an attempt to test out BoA's import function, and the BoA version is much more complex. I think Kelandon is right about the Echoes scenario for BoA but I never got too much into BoA so I'm not sure.

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Again, I really thank you, both, for these responses.

If I may...

Could anyone tell me how to convert a *.jpg file to a *.bmp file.

I statred Inn of Blades and could not find some of the important NPC's.

I then realized that TM only included a *.jpg file for those NPC's.

He tells any potential player that needs to be done, but I can't find anything anywhere that tells me how to do that.

Again; thanks, thanks and more thanks


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If possible though, it would be better to find a non-JPEG version, as using graphics that passed through the JPEG format will not look as good. Note that BMPs are sometimes JPEG as well (especially when uploaded to image hosting services), so if there's really a GIF available, converting that to BMP would probably be the best choice.

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