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Help with new scenario


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Originally written by megamad:
Well, I'm planning to make a huge scenario, a continue to Exile 3, but in order to reconstruct many of the original areas, I need maps of Exile and the surface, which I don't have.
So, does anyone here have these maps and can send them to megamad @ walla.co.il?
I really recommend trying something a LOT smaller for a first effort.
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AC3 uses 83 outdoor sections of a total of 100 (10*10). And 154 towns, if I counted them well.

Exile 3 uses 81 outdoor sections of a total of 90 (9*10: Valorim takes 70, and the different sections of Exile 11), and 166 towns, no less.

And there are larger scenarios out there ... wink

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