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  1. I do have the Archer's bow and Infinite arrow. i allso have a few magic arrows. Are there any spells that can boost the hit chance and/or damage of archery? (like strength to fighters). Is randell the shopkeeper in the Tower of magi, or the one in lorlei? Cause i'm now doing the tower of magi quest.
  2. I know, archery sucks in E3, but i still love to use it. One of my characters is an archer, and i would love to get some tips from you people on how do make the best use of him. Posions? Any potions good? What items? Any spells helpful? And buying arrows any better than iron ones is out of question (how comes they are so expensive?). Thanks in advance.
  3. Each Spiderweb player takes something to his heart from the games, one takes this aspect to mind when he designs scenarios, and onother designer takes a different aspect of the games. Thus, a crew of Spiderweb players can get much closer to the original atmosphere than a singel designer, regardless of how 'top' he is.
  4. Seriously, I don't have any intention to criticise the top developers and their scenarios, but I have played some of them. I don't mean to say they were bad, but it was not the same feeling like playing any of the Exile games (I have played At the Gallows as well). And about Avernum, I didn't like anything about it (Well, except the better ranged weapons improvement, which were terrible in Exile).
  5. BoE? that's not the same at all, Boe still has many weaknesses that cannot be fixed, problems with the game mechanics, and the fact that you are still limited to what Boe has to offer.
  6. I know many Spiderweb players miss the good old Exile games, and I too miss them. There have been lots of requests here from Jeff to make a new Exile game, and we all agree that any chances are non-existent. So I have been thinking; I'm sure some people in the Spiderweb boards know how to program, and some can make graphics and sounds. Why can't we make a game of a type that we like? Is it impossible for a small team to make a game like Exile? I personally think it's doable. So, if there is anyone here that knows how to program, make sounds, a good plot maker, or graphics artist, please contact me at supermegamad at gmail.com. I myself can make Exile style graphics, and if we manage to gather some talented people here, we can actually make something good, one that we will all enjoy, and if it workes good, maybe Jeff will consider again the Exile series. Hoping to hear from you, Megamad
  7. By saying the answer is no, you mean to say that C\C++ aren't powerfull enough for a game like Exile? I don't have any plans for programming a game, I was just asking out of curiosity.
  8. visual basic? or does it take something more like c\c++?
  9. I don't have any plans of making something Exile size, and as a matter of fact I won't be really needing the surface map at all, because it's supposed to be underground. But I am aware of the fact that even my small plan will take me ages to finish. Thanks for everyone's help!
  10. By the way, by writing 'Exile' I meant upper Exile, and not Exile in the older games.
  11. Well, I'm planning to make a huge scenario, a continue to Exile 3, but in order to reconstruct many of the original areas, I need maps of Exile and the surface, which I don't have. So, does anyone here have these maps and can send them to megamad @ walla.co.il? Thanks.
  12. i'd have to agree with that, even though e3 doesn't have the best plot or graphics, out of all of spiderweb's games i like it the most (i even like it's graphics, they'r much better than avernum graphics). another question, i just bought hawk's manse and found the alien blade, is there a better edged weapon in the game? it's surely better than my former magic broadsword.
  13. what's the maximum amount of AP that can be reached to without haste? are there any other AP increasing items besides the ring of speed? does the boots of speed act like the ring, or like the helm? thanks
  14. but i need to go past them to the castle, and they'r attacking me if i get close.
  15. i just opened the barrier, but the fight in there still goes on, since the troglo's and giants are allways hitting the doomguard there are tons of it and he just keeps on splitting. how am i supposed to go through there?
  16. i do have the blessed athame, but i know it's used to open the bottle and not the barriers.
  17. i think it's the city where grah-something is in, but i can't go through the barriers blocking the cave entrances, can anyone help?
  18. i entered the 'register game' and entered no number, and when i pressed ok it just registered! i didn't even have to guess the numbers.
  19. what is 'your' style of goblins? can you upload here an example of it? for the doer- goblins may be too short to hold longbows in your scenario, but in mine it makes no difference.
  20. okay.... 1) a goblin elite guard, pretty much like the goblin fighter but with plate mail armor, a shield with a skull on it and a better sword. 2) a goblin archer, with a longbow, chainmail and a quiver on his back. 3) a goblin king, a scary looking guy with golden cloths. 4) a dwarf elite guard, with plate mail, a two handed axe and generally scary-looking. that's all for now, i'll be very glad if you could do these (i'm not in a hurry, so take your time).
  21. thanks everyone, you really helped me.
  22. i'm working on my first scenario, and i need some custom grapgics for it, many of the graphics in motrax's lair aren't working (i just can't see them) for some reason. could anyone give me some goblins graphics (guards, king, archers, mage)?
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