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  1. This was a good topic to add to the Exile series, the question asked is a hard one at that. Although I like Pole weapons, I prefer broadswords and shields. The Flaming swords are one of my favorites actualy, and I have to admit, I defiently vote for edged weapons. As I normaly don't include any Sliths into my parties, I don't normaly consider spears, I just like the money they bring in!
  2. I think it's really nice that there's quite a few people here willing to wrote books over the games they love. Keep up the good work all of you, espicialy with the Nephimim language that some people managed to make!
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    BoE, italics

    Hey, no worried now. Just solved it. The font file was corrupted so I had to create a new one. I'm not sure how it affected the help files but its fixxed now. Thanks for trying your best, though! Many thanks!
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    BoE, italics

    Quote: Originally written by *i: Is there a way to zoom in? I'm not sure. I just want to get rid of the italics. I mean, it just changed. I just went on it and the writing was suddenly italics. Its annoying, and its certainly not how its suppose to be. What could be the problem?
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    BoE, italics

    Hey. I'm currently having a problem with my BoE game where all the dialog and help manuals are shown in italics. This problem is extremly annoying and its realy hard to actualy read the italic writing which is being dispayed. Has anyone else experinced this problem? And also, how can I fix it?
  6. Quote: Originally written by Few probed waitress: The problem with heavy loads on the CPU is the intense heat that is generated. Make sure that your fans are working and that there is a minimum of dust accumulated inside the box. Ah yes, this happened with me on BoA. My computer was so hot, I actualy endded up staying away from it, just to be on the safe side...
  7. I'd give it an 8.5 Its a good game, and it does bring back yet more of my memories. I never got the registered version, but from the demo, I'm pretty sure it was a decent game. My score rests at 8.5, and will stay that way. To Nethergate, a classice game, which represented the first 3D game spidweb game.
  8. Yes, as said, I apoligise. I was scrolling through the forums quite fastly and just happened to click on your post as the latest post in the Avernum 4. I was looking to fast and mistook your question for a genral Avernum game. Sorry.
  9. EDIT: Oh sorry, Avernum 4. I do apoligise.
  10. The problem may be an old computer. Which windows version is it? If your on an XP, you shouldn't be having any problems.
  11. And what an excellent place to put this! I give it 10 out of 10, and as I've said, it will always be a favorite. I still have my good memories of it, and they wil remain in my heart for as long as I'm alive! long live Blades of Exile!
  12. TM's - Echoes: Assualt, scenario is an excellent pick. I enjoyed it from begining to end, a worthy scenario to any BoE player!
  13. I'll give it an 8 too.
  14. Why can't I vote? It says I don't have permission.
  15. Man, Blades of exile brings back good memories. I can remember the first day I found it, on that "freeware games" disk. It really brings back the good times. Like how I'd sit and play on it all day, and the sun was shining, and I'd be having fun. This game will always bring back good memories, and it'll always remain my favorite spidweb game.
  16. I better put my glasses back on. EDIT: Ah ha, now I see it
  17. I like both of them. But for some odd reason I voted for Avernum 1. I must like it more.
  18. Really? Stressy is another word for stress. It can lead to heart attacks and in extreme case's, your hair may fall out. If you ask me, Alorael should change his origanal name back. It was cool, he never should have changed it. Come everyone, chant! change change change change!
  19. Calm down Alorael. Don't get stressy.
  20. It sounds good there's a BoE scenario designer still prepared to use his talent. Good luck with your scenario!
  21. Why not buy GF1 and GF2 together if you already own GF3. That way you've got the whole Geneforge colection
  22. Huh? Did you get a dialouge message or anything? This sounds weird.
  23. Quote: Originally written by Silent Motion: maybe someday Jeff will release the source. One can but hope. I doubt that, since not many people still seem to be intrested in making BoE scenarios.
  24. Quote: Originally written by MacProject: I'll be buying BoE after I finish up Avernum 4 (yeah, I'm going backwards a little) so I'll be sure to post some questions and topics then. Sounds good Macproject, hope you enjoy BoE as much as I do!
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