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Special Weapons


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There's a 'War Hammer' in Deep Down. It causes fear and has a pretty high damage 40+bonus I think, two handed weapon. And I just got three Poisoned Halberds from a scenario damage 30 bonus 10 and it's only a one-handed weapon so you can double up. I can't remember which scenario exactly but it's either Big Combat, Goblin Attacks, or Compositus... sorry I can't be more specific. I really need to start writing things down.

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Now how could I forget? A strangers quest has the best stuff you can get. I'll just list the stuff I kept. I don't think the crossbows work the way they say they do so don't count on the damage stated.


Magi Staff - 75 kill spells

Great Crossbow - Damage 20 Bonus 10 weight 1 ability accuracy

Kill Bolt - Damage 15 Bonus 5 returning

Shockwave armor - defend 25 bonus 10 enc.0 weight 50 ability shockwave 100

Protective Boots - Defend 5 Bonus 5 ability full protection

Anti-Magic Cbow - damage 50 bonus 10 weight 30 ability magic protection

Magic Skill Helmet - defend 16 bonus 10 enc.0 weight 25 ability giant strength

Smokey Skull - 100 smokey crystals

Skull of Saphires - 100 saphires

Quicksilver ring - defend 20 item level 50 ability speed (it adds 2/turn)


There's more cool stuff in it, but this is what I kept. Fair warning - if you intend to equip your whole party it will take a lot of time and more then one runthrough. Have a level 50 party ready to fight with the anti-magic cloud for the adventurer's challenge. (I had fun anyway:)

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Originally written by The Creator:
For "bows" you just can't go past the guns in Doom Moon II. But then, for super-powered anything you can't go past Doom Moon II.
The Baleful Fasces with Flaming Weapon from Fahd al Ghalib tops the Queen of Swords. Destiny almost ties it. And of course, B2 is chock-full of encumbrance-0 armor at evert turn. And then, there's the Flamethrowers... :p
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Quests of the Spheres - The Singing Weapons - Singing Sword, Singing Halberd, Singing Mace (a throwing weapon that returns!)


You can also get these in the High-Level party maker that comes with Destiny of the Spheres - no need to play the scenario itself.


Of course - these are realistic weapons, not "god-sized."

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