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Training with high levels.


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Okay, so my party leader, an ambidextrous edged weapons user, has progressed through the levels nicely. However, now his strength and dexterity are 20, edged weapons skill is 20, defense 10, assassination 5, and poison 4. And I still have skill points and can't quite justify what to use them on.


What's the most useful non-core trait that I should use them on?

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Originally written by Thuryl:
By the way, I really hope you went through Nephil's Gambit or something to get that Poison Use skill rather than actually spending skill points on it.
Urr, sorry. I just use a get a couple levels just because, you know. I suppose it's not all that useful anymore since I've got Major Blessing.

Anyway. Assassination, defense, and luck. Got it. Anything else?
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Higher Assassination is always a boon in BoE, since you'll eventually outlevel every monster you meet, and assassination can even let you defeat invulnerable foes. Stareye's recommendation of Luck is pretty sound, too - with 5 Luck, you will notice a marked decrease in your dying. With 20, you will be utterly shocked if you are somehow killed.


Poison Use is really worthless, sorry.

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