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  1. Could happen: Character can shape himself. If you play with the idea, it might end up as an interesting thought.
  2. Quote: Actually, there's pie in Avernum 4, so #3 could happen. A pie? So there is only 1 pie in the game?
  3. In Mac Command + Shift + 4 takes a picture where you can decide how wide it is.
  4. Quote: i think some spider like thing is cool, just not arachnid shaping, that would make too many shaping possibilities.... I think that the more there are shaping possibilities, he more fun it's playing. But it takes so **** long to make. So that's a good idea in some ways, bad idea in some ways.
  5. Quote: #2: The ability to shape turrets and spawners. ~Think about it, these creations canNOT move. Not to mention, you'd get your butt kicked if you were caught shaping a spawner. In fact, these things could be possible, but very high level needed and very highly illegal. So if someone from the good side sees you doing it, they kill you. And if you join some evil side, you can freely do it, but very late in the game. And what comes to the can't move thing: You have to shape it in a place where is a big fight, and after the fight, drain it.
  6. 1. Spawners spawn turrets and other nasty things. COULD maybe annoy a bit. 2. Serviles can fight well. HAHAHA! (sorry)
  7. Quote: Hey, I just wrote the short version of Assassination. I hate that word, I write it always wrong! I write it ALWAYS assanissation.
  8. Quote: But if you want a quick striker, use Ass. Hehehe. You should notice what I noticed first when i read this.
  9. Is this a glitch or something, but when playing demo of BoE (Valley of Dying Thigs) you can edit the starting city (You shouldn't have the permission to play it when edited). So even if you haven't registered, you can get your stuff and spells maxed out by putting cheap shops in there and using character editor on your party several times (9999 gold). So, do you know is it meant to be this way?
  10. Yes. Something like Runescape. ( http://www.runescape.com )
  11. I agree with The Forgotten. Maybe Jeff changes his mind when he has nothing to do
  12. Has someone asked something about Exile IV, is there something like that coming? Now, when Avernum 4 came, why not Exile? Avernum 1, 2,3 's maps are all taken from Exile. Now, Exile IV's world could be the Avernum 4's world. Think that. And I'm pretty sorry if someone made this kind of topic earlier. And I might sound stupid, I'm pretty a newb in writing here. That was what I was thinking of, I just had to write it here. Yes, and should I have written this to General?
  13. I don't really like editors. They just make the game too easy and there are no more those hard places where you need to try more than one times to get through. Those places make the game exciting. (If they're not too hard )
  14. Hmm.. You're talking about his scenario and graphics on my topic.. You can post a new topic, but in Avernum forums. Peace
  15. The Almighty doer of stuff, and Kingy, I can send them to you in a couple of days. i just have some problems now.. A new computer.. And the graphics are in the old one. I'm trying to send em to you soon..
  16. ok. I don't exactly play Avernum, but ok. zealot.sector@gmail.com
  17. Yeah.. I forgot that. Do not use or put my graphics somewhere without hailing me first And Marvin, you should have that posted on BoA forum. Peace
  18. Thanks! They were my first good graphics made from scratch.
  19. You want them Gif or Bmp? EDIT: I just send them in Gif.
  20. There will be Avernum 4 but no Exile 4?... The earlier Avernum worlds are copies from Exiles, so the Exile 4 world could be a copy of Avernum 4 world. What do you think about this? Or is this said before?.. Dunno.. I'm a newbie to the forums. Still played the Exiles since I was five, heh. Peace
  21. Hello there. When this contest now began, does somebody want my Tirinar graphics set? They are a band of small red humanoids. There are about 7-9 of them. They're in gif or bmp. First who wants them can get them. Just give me ur email and that's it. Peace. (Just wanted to get them to somewhere because I spent some time for them .)
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