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Going back to Cotra, you really needed a Recall Crystal, would cut the journey in half...


Demonslayer, you are looking for a forge where the sword can be re-forged.



Talk to Boutell in Fort Draco




Unlock Doors, level 3, you don't just find it someplace. You have to run around a bit, clear out a certain dungeon then commute between three towns.



Go to the gate NE of the Giant Castle

Open it, go north and get a boat. Travel to an island north of there. Make sure you are Enlightened before walking through an energy field or you will be dead. (Go to the island just west... )

Enter the tower, talk to Aydin about everything.

Report back to Erika, ask about assassinating King Hawthorne.

She will tell you the password for the statues.

Go to Almaria and talk to the statue in the SW part of the town. Statue will tell you the formula for Unlock Doors, level 3!



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In Bargha you can sell stuff to Prynne the Healer.

(You missed an interesting hidden area in the Lair of Khoth.)


Bind Foe can be useful for immobilizing particularly annoying foes, like spellcasters, while you wipe out their fellow monsters.

(In A2 you really must start the game with this spell.)

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You should have saved immediately after winning the fight in the main room, the Barracks, especially when it left you low on spell energy.

Can Wizards be immobilized with Bind Foe? No, not on a regular basis, they resist too much.


My first PC uses Alien Blade and Demonslayer, he has the Crystal Charm to defend against Basilisks.


When to save your game:



You will be to the north of the giant docks and you will see a message stating that the passageway ahead is blocked by a beautiful curtain of blue light. &&&



This has the potential to wipe out the whole party unless you know what to do.

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"This has the potential to wipe out the whole party unless you know what to do."

Enlightenment is a state like Sanctuary or Hovering Feet, it only occurs a few times in the game. When the scroll icon disappears the state has worn off!



Drink at the pool, become Enlightened and head to the blue field pronto!



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In the second hidden room of Khoth's Lair you find a level 3 spell, not just treasure.


Here is the list of where the level 3 spells are found:



"1815", number in the Resource Hacker printout, this can be ignored.

"10 Upper Nephilim Fort", the town number and name


1801, "Bolt of Fire" 10 Upper Nephilim Fort

1802, "Light" 3 Brigand Fort

1803, "Call Beast" 5 Cotra

1804, "Bind Foe" 33 Foul Cavern

1805, "Haste" 19 Tower of Magi

1806, "Slow" 17 Athron's Lair

1807, "Ice Lances" 59 Dharmon

1808, "Unlock Doors" 29 Almaria

1809, "Create Illusions" Outdoor Zone 7

1810, "Far Sight" 18 Ogre Cave

1811, "Lightning Spray" 37 Gremlin Cave

1812, "Dispel Barrier" 44 Hidden Island Tower

1813, "Summon Aid" Outdoors Zone 15

1814, "Beast Ceremony" 55 Lair of Khoth

1815, "Fireblast" 25 Aranea Cave

1816, "Arcane Summon" 35 The Castle

1817, "Arcane Shield" 66 Erika's Tower

1818, "Arcane Blow" 66 Erika's Tower


2101, "Healing" 10 Upper Nephilim Fort

2102, "Curing" 6 Underground Fort

2103, "Battle Rage" 21 Hidden Tower

2104, "Shielding" 19 Tower of Magi

2105, "Repel Spirit" 23 Swamp City

2106, "Smite" 1 Fort Avernum

2107, "Summon Shade" 50 Bandit Lair

2108, "Safe Travel" 40 Crypt of Drath, L3

2109, "Unshackle Mind" 8 Formello

2110, "Mass Healing" 76 Ancient Crypt

2111, "Mass Curing" Outdoor Zone 29,Shaynee's Bazaar

2112, "Sanctuary" 32 Slith Fort

2113, "Divine Fire" 75 Bat Cave

2114, "Control Foes" 31 Upper Slith Castle

2115, "Return Life" 28 Upper Slith Temple

2116, "Divine Warrior" 35 The Castle

2117, "Divine Restoration" 66 Erika's Tower

2118, "Divine Host" 66 Erika's Tower


Names of the towns in Avernum 1:

0 Silvar

1 Fort Avernum

2 Fort Duvno

3 Brigand Fort

4 Goblin Caves

5 Cotra

6 Underground Fort

7 Cave of Motrax

8 Formello

9 Nephilim Fortress

10 Upper Nephilim Fort

11 Under Nephilim Fort

12 Spider Cave

13 (Empty)

14 Fort Draco

15 Mertis

16 Spiral Pit

17 Athron's Lair

18 Ogre Cave

19 Tower of Magi

20 Shattered Fort

21 Hidden Tower

22 Island Fort

23 Swamp City

24 Fort Dranlon

25 Aranea Cave

26 Aranea City

27 Slith Temple

28 Upper Slith Temple

29 Almaria

30 Slith Castle

31 Upper Slith Castle

32 Slith Fort

33 Foul Cavern

34 Lair of Pyrog

35 The Castle

36 Slith Fortification

37 Gremlin Cave

38 Crypt of Drath

39 Crypt of Drath, L2

40 Crypt of Drath, L3

41 Stagnant Tunnels

42 Giant Castle

43 Giant Basement

44 Hidden Island Tower

45 Fort Emerald

46 Gnass

47 Blosk

48 Tower of Patrick

49 Ruined Bandit Lair

50 Bandit Lair

51 Fort Spire

52 Spire

53 Bargha

54 Below Bargha

55 Lair of Khoth

56 Black Spire

57 Tower of Barriers

58 Fort Saffron

59 Dharmon

60 Fort Remote

61 Fort Remote Ruins

62 Gremlin's Gold

63 Skarragath

64 Skarragath Ruins

65 Prison of Grah-Hoth

66 Erika's Tower

67 Ruined Fort

68 Strange Cave

69 Grah-Hoth Fortress

70 Pit of the Drake

71 Tower of Sulfras

72 Final Gauntlet

73 Strange Cave

74 The Royal Spire

75 Bat Cave

76 Ancient Crypt

77 Lost Bahssikava

78 Bahssikava Tunnels

79 Bahssikava Deeps


Spells not gained immediately:

1803, "Call Beast" 5 Cotra, Konig, level or reputation is involved

1808, "Unlock Doors" 29 Almaria, after meeting both Erika and Aydin, and getting password for talking with the statues.

1807, "Ice Lances" 59 Dharmon, after the quest to Erika's Tower

1810, "Far Sight" 18 Ogre Cave, also outdoors south of the Giant Castle

1815, "Fireblast" 25 Aranea Cave

1816, "Arcane Summon" 35 The Castle, after killing Grah-Hoth


2104, "Shielding" 19 Tower of Magi, from Ambrin after Ogre Cave quest

2109, "Unshackle Mind" 8 Formello, after Claudette's quest to Khoth's Lair

2111, "Mass Curing" Outdoor Zone 29,Shaynee's Bazaar, Get a quest from Leith in Blosk.

2116, "Divine Warrior" 35 The Castle, after killing Grah-Hoth


need Dispel Barrier:

1805, "Haste" 19 Tower of Magi

1815, "Fireblast" 25 Aranea Cave


Dispel Barrier can be learned outdoors, in a hidden place SW of Fort Remote.

The A1 Template shows all of the town maps.



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(Avernum 2 is different indeed, you will find far fewer level 3 spells in the demo part of the game. You will probably want Bind Foe at level 2 as soon as you can get it. Default starting party leaves a lot to be desired, you might do well to use Custom PCs.)

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