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Where should I start designing?


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I was talking about conscience, not religion. And whatsmore, I was talking about my conscience, not yours. But if you want to get into religion, here's all I have to say about that:

Deuteronomy 18:10-12
Psalms 11:5

If you think its okay because its "just a game", well, that's your problem. Bye.
Far be it for me to argue with your conscience, what you think is wrong is wrong for you. I just want to say that what is wrong for you may not be wrong for others. There are absolutes written in the Bible that are always wrong for everyone, but there are also some gray areas.

For example for me it is wrong to dring alcohol so I abstain. Jesus himself drank wine so it's not a sin, others may drink if they wish but for me it is wrong.

The Bible says 'do not practice witchcraft', but it doesn't say 'do not watch the practice of witchcraft' or 'do not discuss the practice of witchcraft'. These are areas that are gray that your conscience or, as I like think, the Holy Spirit sets the boundaries for. In my house we do not watch Sabrina The Teenage Witch, or Harry Potter simply because my children are young and impressionable and I don't want them to watch such things until I know they understand that such things are wrong. (You could probably compare me to Ben's mom) Yet I play BoE and enjoy it, not for the witchcraft or violence, but for the feeling of accomplishment and discovery. My real sin would be in playing too long when I should be in devotion or playing checkers with my kids, not in the actual playing of the game.

And as a mom who loves this game and would like to watch my kids play this game but agree with Ben's mom that sometimes it's better just to have kids avoid what is wrong so that they can stay innocent as long as possible, I am doing something about it besides talk. I am in the process of making a scenario(which I hope to be a series) with no magic. There will be no priest or mage spells available to buy, no magically locked doors, no crumbling walls that need Move Mountains to get through, no demons, and no goblins(specifically for Ben's mom). I have said before that I fear I will not finish one by the time Ben is 18 but it will be there for others who do not wish to dabble with magic even if it is 'just a game'.

So if your conscience tells you that the status quo is no good, then maybe you should help me make it better by designing scenarios that your conscience likes.

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Originally written by Gizmo:

I am in the process of making a scenario(which I hope to be a series) with no magic. There will be no priest or mage spells available to buy, no magically locked doors, no crumbling walls that need Move Mountains to get through, no demons, and no goblins(specifically for Ben's mom).
So what you're saying is that it's boring.

Seriously. Perhaps if people are offended by magic, which is the entire point of the fantasy genre, maybe they should not play Exile, which is a fantasy game featuring not only magic but also demons. Just a thought.

Similarly, you should not go to a BSDM club unless you are willing to watch and perhaps partake in people being beaten, restrained, etc. And maybe you also shouldn't attend the Church of Satan if you find the idea offensive.
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A puzzle-based scenario (or possibly one with modern technology to substitute for magic) could be entirely without anything potentially offensive like demons or violence or magic but also be fun. The Election is a perfect example. It contains one combat sequence, one in which you are attacked and must run away. Virtually everything else is dialogue, figuring out how to convince people of things. It's a great scenario.


It's one of my favorites, actually, not because I find magic or anything else troubling to my conscience, but just because it's a very different approach to design. It would be very interesting to see more scenarios like this. I'm curious about AC2, because apparently it is a series of puzzles with very little combat, and the format intrigues me. I'll probably play it soon.

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Whether or not it is boring is a matter of personal opinion. You imply that anything without magic is boring. I intend to make it as interesting as possible and there will be combat. It's based on the Red Wall series by Brian Jaques so the 'interesting' story is already there. I just have to figure out how to convert it into gameplay. If you want to see if it will be boring for you, you could read the book and see if you like the storyline or not. I only hope I can do the books justice...

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Regardless, nice to have you drop by again. You could stick around, you know. However you feel about BoE itself, you can still chat with those who do play it.
No kidding. We can always use you to answer our questions and put a new perspective in some debates. The more points of view there are, the more we can consider the different opinions of other people.

As for playing BoE, in personally (note that I said personally) agree mostly with Creator, as after all, it isn't the real thing, but a bunch of tiny squares called pixels being projected onto a screen and configured a certain way. The same thing goes for violence, but it's actually a part of life. But yes Aceron, I can see your point.
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