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Scenario Idea


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I'm making my own scenario, one of the first ones I've made, but that's besides my point.


So far, my scenario is basicly being a detective. A number of "suspects" will become obvious at some point, but there will be false evidence, people covering eachother, etc. You must solve the mystery of the assassinations of a number of officials.


It's set in the future, where there's the empire and another nation/republic/kingdom. It might be the opposing nation, rebels, vanahtai, maybe even ninjas. I don't even know who did it yet, but what do you think of the Idea?


P.S. - I will make it have more story than action, most likely.

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Originally written by N00BEN:
On a side note, you probably shouldn't go around proclaiming "Hey everyone, I'm making a scenario" unless you genuinely plan to finish it. Many scenarios get sluffed off and left for incomplete.

But yeah, now that you've got an idea, off to designing!
*hangs head in shame...* frown

Umm... I've got designers block? confused

I wanna finish it, I really do. I just get sidetracked so easily. Website, forums, building a database...
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I figure if you don't have time to play scenarios, you really don't have time to make them.


A mystery could be a good scenario. Really, I've rarely seen an idea hurt a scenario (though it does happen). Bad scenarios are usually bad because of a lack of ideas of any sort, or because of lousy execution.

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