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A3 - Spellshards

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Are spellshards ever useful? Do they make them more powerful in later games?


The idea of a gem that can cast a spell a theoretically infinite amount of times sounds great in theory- but when I have a very limited inventory and the spell that comes from the spellshard is a very weak version of the spell- it makes them not all that useful.

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The one with unshackle mind is a keeper.


I'll keep my eyes open.


I've used a few other Spellshards- Bolt of Fire, Repel Spirit, Healing, Move Mountains, Lightning Spray, Ice Lances...


The damaging ones did pitiful amounts of damage and could target a seriously low amount of enemies, healing didn't heal much (admittedly by far the best spellshard I've used though) and Move Mountains failed to move the things I was already moving just by casting the spell.


It's a shame they don't scale to your level or actually function at a decent level. Have to assume they weren't tested much, or they were underpowered to prevent people from just abusing them.

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same thing with scrolls and wands, really few are useful.


Ahh, I haven't been using those at all, despite saving up some. : /


I wish I could break my habit of almost never using items, but when they're less powerful or as powerful as what I could put out normally I just have no drive to use consumables... Wish designers would take this into account more often.

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