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This is a problem I vaguely remember having in A1, that I'm definitely having in A2 atm.


It's been going on for such a long while that I actually forgot that it's a problem there might be a solution to.


First, in the opening image/tune, after a few seconds of the opening tune it cuts off suddenly and the loading cursor appears.


Second, in battle- after a certain number of moves have taken place, it stops showing me what's going on and instead temporarily freezes and shows the loading cursor as well. After a short period (depending on the number of combatants) the result is then shown and I can continue with combat.


This is fairly disruptive and it's actually pretty helpful to know what's going on during combat.


Any ideas?

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I think it might be the old engine. Usually when you got a lot of action going on in combat (e.g. many PCs/Monsters fighting it out), it takes some time to load, and process all of those commands. I don't see a good way around it. You could try to avoid fights with many monsters at one sitting (if that's even possible, some areas are swarmed). Another thing, you could try avoid using summon aid which brings out lots of other npc.

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