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How much encumbering armor do you use?


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I just wonder, does anybody keep plate mails and use them? What about breastplates? Or large shields? Etc.


I'm considering removing at least the plates from my scenario, because I'm making room for new items. I never use plates myself and rarely any armor combination that gives more than 2 encumbrance.


So, how encumbering armor do you use and/or what do you think about this?

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I don't know if you're asking about what you'd put into a scenrio you're writing, if this would be for a special, (edited), party, or if you're asking how much we would have each type party member use as it becomes available in a scenario.

Also, I think it depends greatly on the playing style of the individual; Fighting, Treasure Hunting, etc.

I prefer to Treasure Hunt with a party consisting of 2 Fighters, 2 Priests and 2 Mages. The second Fighter usually has 3, or 4 points of Traps & Locks and both Fighters are ambidextrious and get assassination equally with strength and weapon skill. Defense is minimal until the offensive skills are well established.

I rarely "start" a battle. Occasionally, the monster you see may have some importance and often doesn't fight at all.

(I think there should be more of this in scenarios, hint, hint.)

Unless the scenario requires it, I never use Archery, Alchemy, nor any weapons other than edged. This is based upon the damage done by each type weapon. I want to use the basic skills of Fight and Cast Spells. I don't feel that any of the "extras" are nearly as effective as those two basic skills and, certainly, weapons in the hands of Spell Casters are not.

(*Much more to be said on any of this at another time.)

Sorry to ramble on, but as to the armor:

I keep the two fighters at Breastplates, not full Plate. The encumberance isn't worth the couple of points more protection. If I can have Magic, or Mithral armor, I'll put chain on the Priests and Mages, otherwise it's the best available:

Fighters with Breastplate,

Priests with Chain Mail & Bucklers,

Mages with Studded & Bucklers.

This will probably contradict with what many others may say, but, as above, we all have our own styles of play. I'd like to get into a discussion some time about style of play and why the selection I described, but I think I've used up far too much of this subject already.



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(Ahbleza wrote: )


I don't know if you're asking about what you'd put into a scenrio you're writing, if this would be for a special, (edited), party, or if you're asking how much we would have each type party member use as it becomes available in a scenario.
The last one is closest to what I was thinking... It might be useful information when I make custom items.


But I also want to find out if there's any player here who's emotionally attached to plate mails and if so, why... smile


Anyway, it seems that so far, no one likes to have even 3 encumbrance often. It's a bit like I expected. Interesting.

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Not to belabor the subject, but.....

Assuming we're talking about armor as it becomes available during a Scenario, Magic & Mithral are best included in a high level Scenario and rarely found in low to mid level ones. Iron, or Steel, seem to be more than adequate for the "top of the line" armor in the majority of the "normal" level scenarios.

The Fighters can bear the weight of any armor, but the Plate always seems excessive and pointless to me. You gain two points of protection and loose the ability to move around well.

As I've stated before, I don't go looking for Battles, but prefer to search areas for all I can find.

At a Level 1, beginner, start, I tend to use Forcefield on each side of the Party and Wall of Force to "funnel" the monsters into the two Fighters. Then, as everyone seems to do, I Bless and Haste the two Fighters. Or, if the location warrents it, I'll place the two Fighters on the two sides of a Door or Passage, with the Spell Casters safely to the sides, beyond them. That is my "normal" tactic for quite a while until the Spell casters attain more powerful spells. And, it shows that only the two Fighters need the weapons and armor.

I very rarely equip Spell Casters. As I said in the previous post, giving Spell Casters any form of weapon seems really pointless to me. To have any effect at all, you must waste skill points on strength, rather than Intelligence, Spell Points and Mage/Priest Levels.

Also, I tend to "get" everyting I can, then "sell" it to build up a supply of money to buy "training", or better weapons and armor for the Fighters.

At the higher Levels, the Fighters have done their duty are now no more than a "shield" to protect the Spell Casters, once they have the ability to cast more powerful spells.

Lastly, and being honest, that is how I'd treat, or play a Scenario "straight", or "true". Since it takes a long time to attain the first few levels and it is always fight, fight, fight, I often start a Scenario with a Level 3 Party with 500 gold and Bronze weapons & armor on the Fighters. I admit that this is a "cheat", but after so many Scenarios, it becomes very tedious playing those first few levels over and over and over and over. Also, although some Scenarios spend the time in those first few Levels, giving the Party information and clues as to what they will need to do, a great many Scenarios do not. Not all Scenarios are "well written" in that they are no more than repetitive Battles without giving the Player a decent, "interesting" story.

IMNSHO, that's what sets the really good Scenarios apart from the others.

The world of Exile is based on the way of the Sword, but a story is still what should be the purpose of the Scenario. I think there are more than enough Scenarios to sharpen one's abilities at Battle. What I find most enjoyable is a "playable" story that accomplishes something, not just, "go kill something and I'll reward you". I'd like to think the "Dark Ages" were long past. Maybe that's why I don't listen to, or read, the news.



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