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The bestiary (constantly updated)

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List of non-mainstream thingies encountered throughout the games.


Of note: -$ means that you have to find out more by playing the game itself.

- dead and transparent thingies constantly have their names mixed up, so you might see a ghost called a shade and a spirit called a spectre in the games.


Now let's begin.


Strange creations


Spawners-They are creations without any sort of intelligence, they absorb energy from pools and shape very basic creations. There appear to be two types, the sucia prototypes used a claw-like structure on their tips and spawned the creations on top of it. The later versions would make the creations from inside and pop them out of a hole.


Creators-A creator is essentially a living control panel, it often has ways of defending itself, and is immobile. Has very limited mental capacity but knows it's purpose and information about it. Does not control actual spawners but other machinery. Possibly causing it to spawn creations with it's own powers.


Oozebeasts-The greatest mystery in the games. From what I've gathered they are either weaponised or mutated ornks which drool or release acid from their skin, or aliens that took the shape or ornks. Regular ornks are seen gathering around them, and they apparently have a leader $.


Addendum:Some ornks with higher intelligence than normal were seen in two games $. Not related to oozebeasts.


Worms-very simple creatures that act much like rats, they can also dig tunnels.. They have next to no intelligence and little in the way or offence and defense. It is possible they were created for a true purpose, but rogues fled and reproduced, causing their high numbers. There have been instances of worms behaving parasitically $.


Crawlers-Often found near worms. Possibly their evolution (one way or another). They have actual legs and many mutations were observed such as different kinds of saliva and spines.


Spinecores-Shaped plantlife. Used mostly by rebels for defense, like turrets. A spinecore will shoot at the adversaries while absorbing energy from the nearby stumps. They come in some varieties.


Patchwork creations-A combination of parts from many creations, made to barely function,but function well. Very strong and durable creations that are usually controlled by some means,lacking any intelligence. Can serve many purposes and fill many roles, depending on the creation.


Beetles-For behaviour see crawlers. Different creations though. Live in swarms.


Podlings-Mobile creations reminiscent of a glaahk in some ways. They fire long range support magic,crippling their target, but have less in the way of actual defense. Possibly have mediocre intelligence, gather in groups to disable their adversaries.



The necronomicon


Shades- Magical constructs that have nothing to do with necromancy. Used as messengers or weapons, directly controlled or programmed for response, but they have no actual intelligence. When rogue, they gather in cold places and places filled with magical energy. A single weaponised shade was used for possession and the presence is possibly a stealthed upgrade.$


Conversion shades-Powerful necromancy experiments may turn living creatures into shades.These experiments usually strip more intelligent beings of much or all of their sanity and intelligence. There have been examples of successes and failures of these experiments throughout the games $. Non-intelligent conversion shades will rally in cold places and near energy sources, much like normal shades.


Ghosts and Spectres- Actual beings that came back from the dead. They usually only "live" to serve their purpose.Ghosts usually want revenge for their deaths and Spectres are kept "alive" by their past life goals. Both spectres and ghosts can recall some of their past lives with great concentration and both spectres and ghosts lose common sense and their memories over time, eventually becoming much like shades.


Example: You kill a bunch of shapers and guardians in a lab they have dedicated their lives too, it was fair combat and they died. Thar be spectres.

You kill A bunch of innocent defenseless villagers. Thar be ghosts.


Spirits-I'm not very sure on this one, thanks to the nature of the areas where you encounter them. I believe they are brought back from the dead due to their great strength in life and have complete control over theirselves. But I'm not sure.$



Feel free to suggest more entries. and no mainstream creations please.

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Pylons drop crystal because their shells are made of it. Spawners are mushroomy tentacle things. I don't see much similarity.

It depends on what the pylon creature inside the crystal shell looks like. Unfortunately, I don't think we are ever given much information on what a pylon creature is. It's just simple, and possibly gooey. It could be anything.


Dikiyoba explains the gemstone drops by assuming that spawners need gemstones in order to shape creations. Shapers use a lot of crystals in their more advanced magic and shaping machinery, so it's not too far fetched of an idea.

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What about the Patchworks in the Foundry Repository? East from Foundry core east, they're ugly creatures made from limbs and body parts of other creatures, hence the name. They're pretty rare because they can only be found on a place where an effortless and uncreative Shaper made them.


Does The Presence count? Because...


And it's not like you see those everyday.


What about the strange one called MMXPERT? You know, a powerful being who made a canister that turns a whole area into a junkyard of valuables when you used it up?



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