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need custom graphics


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Sadly, not only many of the pics in Motrax's Lair are lost, but also Khoth's graphics arhive has closed.

I sent you a mail with some rescued goblins from this site, but in case it doesn't work you can try downloading any of the "Goblins" previous scenarios: both Deadly Goblins and The Goblin Attacks have custom graphics, though possibly the very same ones.

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in theory, I could have soem new ones done in a few days for you; if you have a specific "vision" for anything, i can see how it works out if you give me a description


@Mab; no need to be rude about it; I'm not a very activee member of the community 'round here, and I really dont know the score when it comes to how much demand thiere is for new graphics

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1) a goblin elite guard, pretty much like the goblin fighter but with plate mail armor, a shield with a skull on it and a better sword.

2) a goblin archer, with a longbow, chainmail and a quiver on his back.

3) a goblin king, a scary looking guy with golden cloths.

4) a dwarf elite guard, with plate mail, a two handed axe and generally scary-looking.


that's all for now, i'll be very glad if you could do these (i'm not in a hurry, so take your time).

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