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Geneforge 5 Script Editing - Need Help :([G5]

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A while back I was perusing the forums and found this link to strategy central. (couple of years ago approx).





I remember that I read throught that stuff and somehow I figured out how to edit the script for stat changes ex. raise or lower starting intelligence, strength, endurance, shaping stats, and I was also able to alter spell levels ex. firebolt to level up or down and what spells the character started with.


Now.... I'm just drawing a complete blank, it's been so long that I've forgotten what the commands were and the script looks different then what I remember it being.


Need help. :(


I attempted to alter the starting intelligence for lifecrafter as a test.

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Ok, so I just decided to sit down and start reading through the script line by line. I figured out what i was doing wrong and the correct thing to add.


NOTE: DO NOT ATTEMPT THIS WITHOUT FIRST "Creating a Backup Copy of the Script". You yourself will be responsible if you make any changes. The script edited was gf5itemchars.




What happened was I was assuming that I needed to make it a:




type deal, but really when I was reading through the script I realized that it is a "statistic". All the statistics have a designated number to them. If you look at this link from strategy central (link below), the first two posts were made by "THE RATT". All credit as far as I know goes to that person for the list of the statistical numbers.




The correct procedure is that you need to insert the text after the character type but before the text that begins the script, and you'll know because the text will say begin.


Notice how I have Lifecrafter highlighted as a reference, it's highlighted to let you know that I am altering the Lifecrafters stats. In this case you'll notice I have circled in red:


cr_statistic 0 = 15


The statistic being altered is "strength" as you can see from the list in the second post by "THE RATT". Strength is designated as stat 0.

What I have just told the script is that it will add 15 to the strength of a Lifecrafter when you start a new game (unsure if it works in saved game). This is just what I have learned by reading the script.


One final warning, I do not know how much editing the script will allow.

If you choose to edit the script, you do so at your own risk.

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I couldn't possibly remember the scripts with the statistics, but you can always add in a few lines of add_experience = 10000, that might be the code, but I'm not pretty sure.


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