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  1. Never mind, I just did a Facepalm. I forgot steam synchs everything unless I turn it off. I didn't realize this till after I made this post. Sorry, you can delete this if you want.
  2. Does anyone know where the save game locations for A:Eftp and A:CS are, I've looked in several places and deleted the entire saved games folders in Documents. However, the saves are still there when I load the game and they still load, further more. Once I close the game, the saved games folder is back in place in my documents with the saves there again. I have both games through Steam. I am running Windows 10 64-bit.
  3. Thanks for the help, I got VirtualBox to work with it.
  4. Do you have suggestion for a program to use?
  5. I'm having trouble understanding this and I don't want to start up an old topic (usually intensively frowned upon) so I'm starting a new topic. Is there a way to run exile games on the windows 10 without installing another version of windows?
  6. Is that all the lore there is for vahnatai?
  7. Is that in addition to the encounter at the ruined fort? Does it stack with that? A:CS
  8. I've been encountering books that I couldn't read because I didn't know enough Vahnatai lore. I already learned some from the teacher in the ruined fort, is there a place to learn more or is that it for learning the language and the books are just unreadable?
  9. I meant like for exploring and discovering places.
  10. Everything I read about luck has been combat related, but does it also affect encounters? I'm asking this for A:EftP and A:CS.
  11. I should re-word this a bit, my fault. If I make a custom class, will it still level the stats the same way for example. If I make a berserker, then I make a custom class. Will i.e. str, end, etc. still increase in their respective places? Or is it the same for all party members no matter what in that they all get the same stat increases? Does what I put points into skills affect what stat is increased with each level?
  12. Hello, I'm posting to ask that if you make a custom build party in A:EFTP and A:CS will it still level the same as a party that is premade i.e. soldier, berserker, etc.
  13. I'm wondering if anyone knows how to fix this, I'm trying to run Geneforge 1-3 on Windows 8, but I am unable to bring my resolution to 800x600. The game also isn't able to do it automatically. I've already checked my resolution options and it doesn't go that low. So is there a way to play them with a higher resolution? I'm trying to run the geneforge series I bought from steam. Windows 8 Pro Nvidia GTX 550Ti
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