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Shock TrooperTips[G5]

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Some players don't know a good thing. Delicious Vlish and I both ran shocktroopers through Geneforge 4 just to show that they aren't useless. It all a matter of playing to a class strength.


Welcome to Spiderweb Software. Please leave your sanity at the door. Getting advice here will help.

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I honestly love playing a shock trooper in G5 though I haven't played one in G4, My strategy generally involves getting a lot of intelligence and maybe a little endurance, I ignore all magic skills apart from the blessing magic.

The shock trooper makes a very powerful tank and with the damage the lots of high level creations can do, he doesn't need mental magic at all.

In my last party my shock trooper managed to get to level 52, in addition I had (approx. game end)

one level 61 shock trall.

Two level 53 Rotdhizons.

one level 42 Kyshak

one (don't remember the level) Gazer.

and two freshly made Drakons

All this was made possible by pumping intelligence to about level 20(maybe a bit more, with the help of items of course)

The party was powerful enough that I had no real trouble with any area apart from the Eyebeast beyond the fort venegance(Rockfall?) and the challenge area that required the gems stones, even In them the trouble resulted from the fact that I didn't want to use disposable creations.

The trick as I said is to basically ignore offensive skills for the PC itself, just rely on the creations for that, the character should be simply used for blessing ,healing and Tank purposes.

(Also If you really want to min-max. here's the way:-

Pump only your Leadership and mechanics at the start, with the help of the few intelligence points you get for free you should be able to clear the presence, then Straight away do Astoria's assassin quest and ignore anything else in the first map, It should be doable with your leadership and mechanics which should both be about 10 each, rush off to Alwan and get his quest to meet Ghaldering, ignoring everything in the path make your way to the lab and get the create War-trall canister, also try to get a few points in battle shaping by then, create the war trall, he will make the most of the first map almost laughably easy, keep investing in intelligence, create another War-trall(or Kyshakk or Wingbolt) when you have enough essence, once you have about ~15 intelligence go slow on it and invest in blessing magic and healing magic instead(be sure to buy the 2 points beforehand) and continue in this vein, It's a good enough design for a reasonably easy playthrough on the torment.)

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Very true on the stats. since you can fight intelligence isn't really needed for the first zone and it is useful to have as much mechanics skill as possible for the stoneworks. I like your selection of creations though I personally like a full contingent of shock trawls as powerful as I can make them with regeneration aura up.

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MS, you should definitely play G4 as a shock trooper. The battle creations aren't as good, but not having to cast the cure spell five hundred times every time you and your creation horde faces poison- or acid-dealing foes makes up for that. Also, unnerfed Speed spells.


Dikiyoba ignores even blessing magic beyond what is needed to get Speed. There are plenty of items that boost blessing magic, if you ever need to cast higher-level blessing spells.

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In G4 Shock Troopers also benefit from having the best multipliers for EP and SP and decent multipliers for HP, BTW why do warriors have such a low essence multiplier in G4?, at least theoretically they are supposed to be decent at making creations.

(Also maybe someone could change the topic's title , it says "Ttips", I keep trying to pronounce that in my mind and keep getting confused.)

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