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There are general indications that creations sometimes misbehave (e.g. the existence of items like discipline wands), but I don't think there are an historical references describing major rebellions in the past. I suspect there weren't - after all, there was a time before the banning of Sucia when creatures like drayks were tolerated (IIRC, the barring of drayks happened sometime after Sucia was abandoned, according to G1). There are other things that change (the lifespan of servants minds in G4, for example) suggesting the war seen in the games is the first time the Shapers have faced a major rebellion of this sort; they've never had make adjustments or adapt to such a threat before.


As for why...how should we know??? Maybe Jeff didn't feel like including extraneous details in his games. Maybe none had ever happened before.

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The fact that the shapers were so unprepared and ceded so much ground during the start of rebellion also points towards a lack of experience in dealing with such situations.


With such situations being a large army containing multiple soldiers who can Shape, which used to be the sole military province of the Shapers themselves.


The descriptions for the Agent and Guardian indicate that there have been rebellions before. Maybe a Shaper goes mad and tries to create an independent state. Maybe some native group has dreams of independence. Such events probably occurred from time to time in the course of Shaper occupation of Terrestia, and those mini-revolutionaries more than likely got swept into the tide of the Revolution.


I know they don't into the narrative of a war of Shaping against Shaping, but I personally would have loved to see the native culture and resistance explored more than the occasional tomb and a few natives in Geneforge 5. They could have been a key part of the Trakovites or Rebellion, yet another sub-faction in the whole mess of it.

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