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Alexandra now includes Spiderweb Reviews!

Silent Motion

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Now that the SW ratings are searchable (and viewable alongside CSR and Alex ratings), I'm starting to understand why the community laughs at the SW ratings. Aftershocks (evidently a solid scenario but not a great classic) is rated 4.5. An Apology -- one of the best BoE scenarios of all time -- is rated 4.1. A sampling of scenarios rated higher than An Apology on the SW tables:


Avalon (4.2 by SW, 4.88 by CSR)

Compositus (4.3 by SW, 3.34 by CSR)

Gray Moon: the Hand of Darkness (4.4 by SW, 4.93 by CSR)

The Wreck of the Slug (4.4 by SW, 6.52 by CSR)


And of course, the ever-classic The Realm of the Dragon Knights ties An Apology at 4.1 (where CSR puts it at 4.17).


EDIT: To anyone who doesn't know -- lurkers? newbies? -- the reason this is laughable is that SW's ratings are out of 5, but CSR's are out of 10. An Apology has a 9.5 right now at CSR.

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Something I find interesting--Bandit Busywork is rated 4.0 at Spiderweb. It's rated 3.something at CSR, compared to Spiderweb's 8 if a comparable scale is used. Since Bandit Busywork was created by Jeff, I wonder if he just hafhazardly gave it a 4 so he could put it on the solid adventures table. Either that or a bunch of newbies rated it on the basis that it was the only non-default scenario they've ever played. :p

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Following are the ten scenarios most differently rated at SW and CSR. All are rated more highly at SW than CSR.


Grinch, The (-6.61)

Curse of Rentolhm, The



Mairwen's Crystal

Bandit Busywork

Green Meadows

Dragon's Eye

Realm of the Dragon Knights, The

Gray Moon: The Hand of Darkness (-3.87)

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Right. Alternately, you should try graphing all the Spiderweb scores in order of highest to lowest. Then the CSR line would be the jagged one (even more so, I'd say, than the SW line on the previous graph). Or even better, make a eek huge eek bar graph with two bars for every scenario, as then it should show the comparasin more accurate. But I'm still going by CSR scores. wink

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