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Ze Large Cow

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Ookay, I am in the final rom in the eastern Avian Fortress (one with the two Avian Royals and the three Svian Lords) I have killed everything except the three Avian lords, a demon, and one red soldier. The lords are down to about 60 health. I am out of spell points, which is bad because I am Sorcerors. I do have one guy with the Sorceror's Blade that can do 11-12 damage if he hits, but no one else can really fight melee. My character editor is affected by an odd bug that causes it to go blank whenever I try to save, so I can't use it. HELP! CAn I win? eek I'm down to an average 20 health.

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You only have to kill one.

My personal favorite strategy is to place fire barriers lining the wall of the hall, anti-magic fields coupled with a few guardians, SLOWLY lure out the avians using weak summoned monsters, then when its only the lords and maybe two others, wait out your antimagic fields, and charge in.

Then again, this uses massive amounts of MP.


Also, jsut reitereating Turumby's comment, you only need to kill one lord, the others fly away instantly, along with most (I think i coutned it at 4/5) of the other avains in the castle(assuming you haven't already killed them)

Charm is a great spell for this fight as well.

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Several people have stated that the Sorcerers' story line was not all they expected, but IMNSHO it's the culmination of the Arachat story which is stated throughout the trilogy.

I played Bodyguards, then Holy Ones, then Sorcerers. I think that's the best order to understand the trilogy in it's full context.

Once you understand that all you have to do is defeat one of the two Avian Lords, it's an easy battle.

In all three scenarios I concentrated on one Lord only to "beat" this battle.

With the Sorcerers, use "Antimagic Field" to nullify the Spellcasters and Lords. It makes it a lot easier.

Try doing the whole trilogy. It's one large story told in three parts.

Obviously, I thought it was a really good scenario, but then, I don't go for the "deep" ones. ;^}

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You can "save" anywhere in the storyline, but the "ending" of each section, although stating that you are "thanked" by the peoples of the Triane, is an individual, "ending".

Yes, you are "rewarded", but that "reward" is only part of the "closing" of that "section of the "story".

For instance: If you "should" start a section at level 1, then complete it at level 10, you'd start the next at level 10 and end at level 20, then the third section would start at level 20, ending at level 30.

Playing a level 1 scenario with a level 10, or 20 party would be equivalant to playing with a "God" party. It would be pointless, if not, "fair".

For all practical purposes:

Play through the Introduction Section, then "save" where you have to make the "choice", (The party is around level 9.), then play each of the three scenarios. (I'd recommend; Bodyguards, Holy Ones, then Sorcerers, in that order.)

As to "rewards", they're really just part of each ending ceremony.

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