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Doom Moon 2 drake cave trapdoor


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Blades of Exile is just getting to old... People get bored of a game when they have played it for too long or have explored everything. And your problem, no, I can't help you with it.


-Eagle, sad since the old classics are getting dusty and bores people, sad since he like the old classics and happy since this is just SUCH a signature theft. laugh

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The Spiderweb BoE forum was never particularly active. The Lyceum has always been where it's at for BoE.


But turnaround time for a question on these boards is generally 12-24 hours on the AT or ET boards and 24-48 on BoE or BoA, because usually the questions are more obscure when having to do with Blades.


That is, even people who play Blades may not know the answer to your question because they haven't played the particular scenario, which is unfortunately the case with me.


But be patient and someone will come along soon.

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