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  1. Originally Posted By: Aʀᴀɴ This thread is informative. It mentions "CSM" by JadeWolf(?) as a currently active one, and also others that were already dead: Chance, TPwydS and something called "Dark Fire/The Abyss"; not sure who made that one. I hope it's not too late to bring some new light on these tidbits from eons ago: CSM was created by me, though I haven't a clue what it standed for. In fact, I think we had the acronym before we had a real name. The main community I think was me, The Stew Boy, Spring, Error (from Polaris, I believe), a couple wanderers, and if there was anyone else I forget. The Abyss was by Sarasaphillia (later Drythentor), and was again me, him, some friends of his. Nalyd and Iffy were active on one or both fo them, but again my senility has degraded any precise memories. Still, they were fun while they lasted, and deserve at least one more mention x)
  2. JadeWolf is woken up by all the clamor, having been curled up asleep in a different corner of the Internet. He examines the bus curiously, noticing somewhat blearily he hadn't been born yet in '93, shrugs it off as a minor detail, and hops on. JadeWolf: Some time since I saw something this interesting. You guys got a sleeping area for me?
  3. Originally Posted By: Iffy Originally Posted By: JadeWolf [/lurk] Heh, I make it in to the top 200. Now would you look at that. [lurk] Oh hey JadeWolf. It's been a while! Hey! To you and all the new/old faces ;]
  4. [/lurk] Heh, I make it in to the top 200. Now would you look at that. [lurk]
  5. If you need another tester, I can crank out my old BoA installation. Felt like doing that for some time, but had no excuse to look for the files -.- I'm on Leopardbtw.
  6. JadeWolf


    A note on threeve: Any point on the line defined by f(x)=ix on the complex plane is equidistant from 3 and 5, and all of them save for x=0 is different from 4. For some reason I was so sure of that before I typed it out, now I think it's catastrophically wrong. xD
  7. 1. What is your name? Can't remember right now. 2. How old are you? 5940 ... days. 3. Where do you live? Alternatively in bed and the rest of the world. 4. What is your favorite color? Blue, orange, yellow, red, green and several others. 5. How many phones do you own? One. (I also own three cats. No, actually, seven since this morning.) 7. Wait, what happened to question six? Come on, we all saw you. 8. Someone has just loaned you a time machine that can take you to any location on the planet during any time period. Where/when do you go? Last week, armed with this week's winning lottery numbers. 9. If you were forced to change your PDN to something completely unrelated to its current form and your original username, what would it be? Behind you! 10. If you could transform at will into any living animal, what animal would it be? A fat, happy, lap cat. (with a hat)(and a mat)(and lots of food) 11. It's ninja sliths versus pirate nephilim. Who should win? I should win, of course.
  8. A perfect place to show this awesome coincidence, a screenie I took a couple weeks ago. It also goes perfectly with my postcount. Been waiting for years for this number. Lookie Here EDIT: Hey, I already posted that. Forgot. Whatever.
  9. I spent the first 6 hours of 2010 partying and the next 15 sleeping. EDIT: Which, now I check the time properly, means I dreamt getting up and going on the computer a few minutes ago and am still asleep, and will be for another two hours. Make that 13 hours of sleep.
  10. JadeWolf

    Movies 2009

    Avatar was really fun, despite the plot being sci-fi Dances with Wolves, it was visually stunning and simply the best film I've seen for ages. The beasties were awesome, and the tech was nearly as good. Everything just looked so detailed and planned out, and it looked more real than any CGI fil, I've ever seen. I looked at it yesterday, so may still be a bit biased ^^. Up was good as well, though different. 9 really annoyed me. Though mainly the aspect of the characters. District 9 was okay, but the pure stupidity of some characters left me not really satisfied, and the ending wasn't really one. Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus was great fun. Somewhere in the middle, I noticed Heath Ledger looked quite like Johnny Depp. Night at the Museum 2 wasn't really that funny, and there were a few plot holes between it and the first. Transformers 2 was visually great, but too full of clichés and stereotypes. Angels and Demons is the worst book adaptation I've ever seen. Like HP6, it changed the ending so much it ended up as rubbish, though HP6 had the advantage of having the first 2 hours actually being fun. Haven't seen Terminator, Watchmen, Wolverine or Inglourious Basterds yet I get the feeling I'd enjoy all of them but be disappointed by Arnold-less Terminator.
  11. It's still interesting though. I've been reading or rereading all the Iain M. Banks books. Great fun, so far especially Player of Games and Matter. If anyone here has read Against a Dark Background, did you find the ending disappointing?
  12. JadeWolf

    Happy Holidays!

    That's what you get for abstinence, mate. What's up?
  13. JadeWolf

    Happy Holidays!

    I don't think Jewish prayers are in Breton, myself. ^^
  14. Thought it was something like that. News seems to just float past me, usually.
  15. Originally Posted By: Mentlegen? It's fairly noobish. On the chat, sure, but SW is too highbrow for that drivel. I seem to remember a certain person who used only green text on a certain forum run by a Canadian. Seem familiar? ^^
  16. JadeWolf

    Happy Holidays!

    xD Be lenient on me, I only just woke up.
  17. JadeWolf

    Happy Holidays!

    Sure that's Breton? Looks and sounds suspiciously like something Jewish to me, though is apparently not Hebrew. EDIT: Seems it has something to do with Hanukkah, being a near quote of the Shehecheyanu, which is a prayer which can be associated to Hanukkah. Barukh atah Adonai eloheinu melekh ha'olam, she'hecheyanu v'kiymanu v'higiyanu lazman ha-zeh. Praised are You, Sovereign of the Universe, for granting us life, for sustaining us, and for enabling us to reach this day. That doesn't help me though. Does it have anything to do with singer LaZman HaZeh? Being unwilling to spend more than 5 minutes on this problem with breakfast (yes, I KNOW it's 17.45 and I just got up) waiting, if anyone finds the above info useful, use it for something.
  18. Why Vista Is Not A Good Buy avatar: Click ME to find out. [/salesman]
  19. JadeWolf

    Happy Holidays!

    Joyeux Noel! I got the weirdest present : chicken feet slippers the size of my head. No, bigger.
  20. JadeWolf

    Happy Holidays!

    10 hours before I start wishing merry christmas. Being in Europe and having suffered the brunt of the latest snowfall, I can't help but envy those who have christmas on the beach during their summer holidays. Weird thought, that. Santa must half a special outfit for those areas.
  21. I didn't even notice until I saw this topic. I also just realized I haven't come here for a week, which coincided with my Muse concert. I think I only just woke up in fact. I haven't noticed much since the 1st.
  22. In separate files or in one single file? Rapidshare is an option, but not the best. iDrive I recommend, you get 10 gb per account if you send an email about the site to ten email adresses. So you coudl just make 10 gmails, register and account to each, and send emails to all the other with each account. that would make 100 gb.
  23. Many software companies distribute betas and such by torrent. Don't accuse torrents of being evil, etc. It's just another way to download, and because it is considerably easier, has become infamous for the way most use it. I'm sure Mister Bit (whatever) didn't have illegality in ùmind when he made his Torrent in the first place.
  24. Sounds like those nordic languages where words are made by adding other words together.
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