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  1. It is not unusual that some rooms, doors, holes and the like are just there for looks and to make a more interesting level design. Compare with, say, jails; Lots of locked doors and rooms never meant to be explored but simply to give the right feeling of a jail.
  2. Yes, the poison of an artila is really powerful - if you hit. When I play as a shaper, I usually have one artila, two thads and two fyoras. It's out of topic, but it works well in the beginning. Alas, I suppose I could find a better strategy as I learn to make new creations. Gazers sounds like a good run.
  3. I do not get what you mean with 1=2 but one thing I do understand, [sarcasm]TM is jealous[/sarcasm]!
  4. Quote: Originally written by Drakefyre: I like searching for clues, but only if it's not too hard Do not worry, I think you misunderstood what I ment with "clues". If you need to find something important in my scenario, all you have to do is exploring the maps, talking with people and solve their problems. For instance: In the starting town you ask the common "job" question to the bartender. He gives you the general price info and adds a complaint about lack of customers since the local church burnt down. You ask him about "church", he tells the story and then direct you to someone who worked there. She tells you that some goblins burnt down the church in some raid and killed her best friend. She tells you where the goblins are and you go off killing the goblins and then come back and get a special item called "red ruby". In a cavern nearby, there is a statue in front of a gate, it tells you it got a missing eye, if you got the red ruby you will get through. Of course this is just an example and not the actual plot. By the way, I need beta-testers for the scenario, so, who wants to beta-test it once I am finished? (I am half-way already so it will be soon.) P.S. I forgot to mention I have created games since 1998 when Tarana Software started. I have also been doing experiments of many sorts on VoDT to learn how to use the scenario editor since 18 months ago. Quite a while back, eh? Of course this is my first real scenario.
  5. Thank you, it made things clearer. Oh, and TM, you find the clues by talking with people and exploring their problems which will give you missions that leads to clues that leads to finding out something that will help you with the main goal of the scenario. Nothing too complicated in other words.
  6. I am making a really ambitious scenario for Blades of Exile, so far I have made quite some nice coherent adventures with many clues and hidden things (Which you will find by finding the right clue.). I have a small problem though, which needs to be solved before I continue with the current thing I am working on, what does Stuff Done Flag A and B means? I get it is a "boul" function that keeps a 4-bit value but what indicates the value and what indicates the variable?
  7. Party and party... I got a single Lv.10 magic warrior who I let cast Haste and several Bless and usually I win. I actually managed to kill the empire company west of the ghost, of course it was partially luck and much thanks to the web I throwed which disabled the dangerous mage, somehow and mostly thanks to the mithral chain mail I bought in the shop southeast of the empire company.
  8. I found a ghost in Exile II - Crystal Soul down the river between the starter town and the spider caves. It said there were ogres south of its position and that it was ashamed of itself and wanted me to take revenge for him. The question is, where exactly are the ogres and can I get there with the unregistred version?
  9. The reason why I call this a dull topic is because there are very few people who knows the answer... if there are anyone. Perhaps if we asked a game history profesional (I belive there is such an occupation nowadays.) we could find an answer on that question. EDIT: I made a couple of google searches. Found nothing. :| EDIT II: I made even more google searches. I found out that the first scenario editor may have been for Warcraft but there are conflicts. Google hits: http://www.mobygames.com/game/warcraft-orcs-humans/trivia http://www.download.com/Civilization-Call-to-Power-Update/3640-7491_4-7082974.html
  10. What you are asking is rather dull. It is not like people know about the oldest game editor. The oldest I know is the custom level editor for Golf, an old popular IBM game from the 80's.
  11. You can easily check if you got DirectX (I would be surprised if you did NOT have it.) by opening the program folder where most applications lay. The folder is simply named DirectX. Perhaps you are just being unpatient, waiting a minute may help (Assumed you have not started pressing all the buttons on your keyboard.). EDIT: Some info about DirectX: DirectX is a software creation kit that enables many functions. It is in fact so useful that almost all games and software use it today. Some functions DirectX enables: -Autostart when you insert a CD. -Compatible 3D support. -Automatic joypad button assignment. -And a boat load of other important and useful functions. The equal of DirectX on macintosh is QuickTime.
  12. Thank you. Your quick response was appreciated. Hmm... Realtime? I wonder if I will be able to play it on my old upgraded Macintosh Performa 5400HD with a G3 400MHZ.
  13. This is embarassing to admit but when I had installed and started Geneforge III, I could not figure out how to move the character. Perhaps it is because I am using Windows now and not MacOS... Well, just help me out, please.
  14. Are you asking if there were earlier games from Spiderweb that had scenario editors or any game at all?
  15. I found the trap. It was not dangerous at all. It just puts a large avernum stalactite that blocks you from walking back into the infestation (Located in the southwest corner.).
  16. I found the secret passage after a lot of click and try on every single wall I could reach. Thanks for warning me about the traps, I have not seen any but I will keep my eyes open.
  17. I found some fortification straight south of the west-most town in VoDT. It was filled with brigands and archers and there was some red mage too. How do I get inside the fortification? I found some black hole in the ground to... can I traverse it in some way?
  18. Quote: Originally written by Archmagi Micael: I can't be bothered to post it twice: http://www.ironycentral.com/cgi-bin/ubb/ubb/ultimatebb.php?ubb=get_topic;f=1;t=002465[/uR L] EDIT: there\'s something wrong with the URL thing. It\'s not working! - Archmagi Micael It should be http://www.ironycentral.com/cgi-bin/ubb/ubb/ultimatebb.php?ubb=get_topic;f=1;t=002465 without space l and ].
  19. Quote: Originally written by Dervish Malachai: ...BoE has SDFs. God. Hearing newbies harp on about why BoE is bad without the slightest iota of experience is almost painful to read. Are you actually saying that I have no experience about BoE (Considering that I haven't taken note of any other newbies to this forum having posted here.)? Mate, I have played through Valley of Dying Things and that's enough experience to be able to voice my opinion about things. And oh, I never said that I prefered BoA. I said that BoA was newer and had more potential to attract first-timers.
  20. Blades of Exile is just getting to old... People get bored of a game when they have played it for too long or have explored everything. And your problem, no, I can't help you with it. -Eagle, sad since the old classics are getting dusty and bores people, sad since he like the old classics and happy since this is just SUCH a signature theft.
  21. If you use the Numpad, such problem should cease to exist. I do not remeber myself having any of such problems.
  22. Indeed. *Crossing arms and nodding* I myself am planning to buy BoA.
  23. Thanks to this loophole I learned to make complicated quests in VoDT. I actually made a sidequest by replacing the content in that valley where those talking animals were and that cave east of it. It turned out to be a more advanced yet short quest where you by killing a "Psydorg rat leader" could save a town from being infested by rats who could throw magic. It was fun.
  24. Quote: Originally written by dvoran: PS: Excuse me for my horrible english! You don't know what horrible english is before you have read french mails composed in english. When ever I try to read their english I soon find myself with a de-crypter and thousands of big question marks flying above my head, then I copy their french text (In most mails I received from someone in France they have it both in english and in french.) and translate it with babelfish. At that point I go all "AHA!" and then I suddenly find out that he/she was talking about rules and not about riding clans (I still have no idea why they say "Let's ride this game!" instead of "Let's go for it!").
  25. I found a loophole in Blades of Exile Scenario Editor. I can't use new levels nor add new cities to the demo scenario but I can edit it. I can add own characters, add extra scenarios too the already existing rooms. So think of one town, I can delete all the people in there like in greenvile and then make a whole castle or cavern there with lots of enemies and such. This way I can, though with lots of work, create my own scenario without registering. (It's not that I don't want to pay for registering, it's that I don't want to send money through the post. )
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