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Destroy Items is buggy, but it still works for 1-tile spots, just make sure you input correctly the required coordinates. For example, for location 20,42, it wold be Top 42, Left 20, Bottom 42, Right 20.

Item Class on Space? (and take), on the other hand, works fine IIRC. If still doubtful, you can always search in any of the "reported bugs" lists in the community. Most ancient ones are Spiderweb's Scenario Editor Bugs Page and Things That Don\'t Work at The Lyceum.

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Thanks for the information.


Maybe "item class on space (+take)" and "destroy items" work on my old mac (which I don't have here. I forced myself to test my over-complicated scenario with a half-working OS X BoE. It's a pain.) Anyway, the node chain seems to check correctly whether the item is there or not but it doesn't remove it. I've checked everything about dozen times.


It might be that the program doesn't remove the item because it's a custom item with a custom graphic, or in place when the party enters the town, or something. Maybe not. I dimly recall "destroy items" working before (with the old mac probably) but now it doesn't.


Maybe I'll come up with a way around it, because this is the second-last town in the scenario, so I'd hate to throw it away at this stage.


EDIT: The more I test, the more bizarre this bug seems. The node "item class on space (+take)" works in other towns. And if my party takes the item and puts it back, the node works after that in the town I'm testing. Otherwise it doesn't. Argh.


I hope the file isn't corrupted and I have a "place item" in a wrong place somewhere...


EDIT 2: No, there is no logical explanation for this bug. The only possible conclusion is that a supernatural force tries to prevent me from finishing my scenario. And that must be it.

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