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do need some more info


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hello all,

first let me introduce myself , i'm erwan from france 38 years old , and addicted to mmo and rpg....


like you can easyly understand my english is not good enough to understand all of the specifics therms for role playing in english ...........

So , my question is, will you do this game with french ,spanish and/or german languages ?


if not i will accept any free english lessons wink



thanks for this marvellous game , i'm just on the free game actually , but i ' m waiting to know if a french version or spanish will be soon develloped or not before buying it , and waiting in hurry to get my full version game ... laugh


i do already thanks you for answering me

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Basilisk Games made Eschalon: Book 2 so all the text files could be swapped for foreign language versions. Not a single one of the amateur translations in any language has been completed a year after the game release. This was with requests after the release of Book 1 and several members offering to do it for Book 2.


So it doesn't seem likely that this will ever happen here.

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