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16 bit ms dos subsystem


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You must have updated with one of MS's fun service packs. Those seem to screw things up consistently. If you haven't tried reinstalling, then do so. If that doesn't work, click Start|Help|and then type '16'. You should get a list of help topics that explain why 16-bit isn't working. I run Windows 2000, and that list included video, sound, conflicts, and other goodies.


If it is available, click Start|Run and type 'command.com'. If that works, then change directories manually to the E3 executable and try running it that way.


The only other thing I can think of is that the shortcut (Start options are shortcuts too) has some option set incorrectly. Try right-clicking on the shortcut and select properties. If something looks like it is wrong, change it. After all, things can't get worse than they are now.


FYI, E3 works on this computer, which has service pack 4 installed.


*this message sponsored by the pro bono research division of my desktop services*

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If the original error you were getting is referring to config.nt or autoexec.nt, you can try this to fix the problem.


1. Go to the Windows\System32 folder, and rename the files autoexec.nt and config.nt to autoexec.nt.old and config.nt.old, respectively (if you can't find one or both of the files, don't worry about it - this is probably what is causing the error in the first place).

2. Go to the Windows\Repair folder, and copy (not move) the autoexec.nt and config.nt files there to Windows\System32.

3. Kind of an extra step, but it doesn't hurt - set the config.nt and autoexec.nt files now in Windows\System32 to read-only. (right-click the file, left-click Properties on the menu. From the window, put a check in "Read-Only", and click OK.)

4. Now the easy step - reboot. =P (This'll probably fix that error where the installer is already in use, too.)

5. Try out the game again.


Can't take credit for any of this, really - most of it's here , but it's easier getting the files from the hard drive than the CD.


Hope this helps out some.

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